24 pantera for sale

24 pantera for sale

2003 pantera 24 sport in woodbury, ct

Pantera was one of a handful of companies vying for racing victory on Miami’s Northeast 188th Street. This fierce rivalry between the era’s most prominent pioneers sparked some of the most drastic changes in offshore boat design history, eventually resulting in the creation of a new norm for world championship race boats.
Pantera boats are lighter, heavier, quicker, and more powerful thanks to advanced composite materials and aerospace design techniques, resulting in superior ride quality and efficiency. All of our boats are built on tried-and-true offshore performance hulls.
Pantera Boats uses cutting-edge fabrics and fully customized interiors to achieve the best possible mix of features to suit the customer’s specific requirements.
Guaranteed satisfaction thanks to race-proven technology and complete customization with advanced composites.
Cam Heaps, the founder of Carbon Marine, Inc., leads Pantera Boats Inc., which debuted the world’s first 100 percent carbon fiber exposed powerboat hull at the Miami International Boat Show in 2016. “It’s a pleasure to be a part of the Nunez family’s efforts to preserve the Pantera brand and heritage. “Today’s announcement marks the start of a new chapter in which Pantera Boats will once again be available to customers all over the world,” he said.

1978 pantera 24

The 28-footer reached a top speed of 67.7 mph at 5,100 rpm. Although this was less than the manufacturer’s projected top speed of 74 mph, the single-engine boat, which weighed in at 5,250 pounds, was still plenty fast. The boat took 4 seconds to get on plane and 20 seconds to cross 64 mph. It accelerated from 30 to 50 mph in 5.7 seconds and from 40 to 60 mph in 8.7 seconds in midrange tests.
A manual drop-out bolster was also provided for the starboard pilot. Gaffrig gauges with the Pantera logo were arranged around the tilt steering wheel at the helm. There were electronic trim indicators for the drive and tabs, as well as a Ritchie compass, in addition to the regular instruments. On the starboard gunwale, the Zero Effort throttle and shifter were installed.
This 1979 Pantera custom boat was designed in Florida by a family-owned boat company. It is not a mass-produced boat, and the craftsmanship is evident throughout.
The boat does not seem to be old at all. With Gill dry exhaust, 454/370 HP is possible.
That’s around 39,500 USD, or 55,300 AUD for an Aussie like me. I also asked if an ITS transom steering was possible in Thailand, and they said they would have to contact Singapore to find out how much Merc Racing parts would cost and if it was even possible.

Pantera classic – bass cat boats

1978 PANTERA 24 YAMAHA 250 OX66 TRAILER INCLUDED READY TO BOAT (STOCK #234866) Take a look at this sharp-looking 1978 Pantera 24. The seller is sorry to see her go, as the boat has been in the family for 27 years, but he has other toys to play with. The boat comes with a Yamaha 250 OX66 with 580 hours that has been well maintained. But when in service, it should always be kept indoors. In freshwater, it is still used. Outboard I/O was converted. The Pantera is said to cruise at 35 mph and reach heights in the low 60s. A boat for a casual Poker Run and/or a Sunday afternoon cruise. A good price point for getting out on the water without going broke. I’m looking for deals that are fair.

Launch gas v8 with duoprop

Pantera is a marine industry boat builder that lists boats for sale on Boat Trader in a variety of sizes, with the smallest currently listed boat measuring 24 feet in length and the longest vessel measuring 36 feet, with an overall length of 24.01 feet. Currently, there are 4 Pantera boats for sale on Boat Trader, with 3 new vessels and 1 used vessel listed by both private sellers and professional yacht brokers and boat dealerships, primarily in the United States. The oldest model listed is a late classic boat from 1978, while the most recent model year is 2021.
Pantera boats for sale on Boat Trader are rated for a range of prices, ranging from $17,250 for the most affordable models to $189,900 for the most expensive models. Higher-performance models now have motors with up to 350 horsepower, while shorter, more reliable, and more practical models can have engines with as little as 350 horsepower (although the average power size is 350 HP).
Pantera offers a variety of boat hull styles and designs, including deep vee and others, among the boats mentioned. Traditional boating activities such as day sailing, watersports, and overnight cruising are popular on these vessels. Inboard/outboard and outboard propulsion systems are available in gas fuel systems on the boats currently available from this builder.

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