3 story beer bong reviews

3 story beer bong reviews

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At most college parties, beer bongs are a must-have. We always had one on hand for every gathering, big or small, just to add the extra element of fun. It’s a representation of youth, fun, and, of course, getting completely wasted. If you’re from the south, you might know it as “funneling.” Click here if you’re unfamiliar with the term “beer bong.” Beer bongs have been produced in a variety of ways. There’s the classic beer bong with the funnel, tube, and valve… then there’s multi-person beer bongs, multi-story beer bongs, bedazzled beer bongs, animal-shaped beer bongs (shout out to the Flabongo), and so on. My friend Kaylie and I were talking about how we hadn’t done a beer bong in a long time. Kaylie’s 28th birthday was approaching, so I made her a beer bong as a present… but not just any beer bong, but a mermaid beer bong! Anyone who knows Kaylie knows how much she adores mermaids. I did some research to get some inspiration, but it turns out that a mermaid beer bong has never been attempted before! So, without further ado, let’s get started… How to Make a Beer Bong Inspired by a Mermaid

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Three college roommates fly around the country with a bus full of beautiful models to play in the National Beer Pong Championship. Who knows how much fun they will have with a busload of beautiful women?
Three college roommates fly around the country with a bus full of beautiful models to play in the National Beer Pong Championship. Who knows how much fun they will have with a busload of beautiful women?
When his girlfriend Katy Hartman (Julianna Guill) moves to his university, Andy (Preston Jones) is shocked. Korkin (Michael Trotter) and Jake (Nestor Aaron Absera), two of his colleagues, persuade him to go on a road trip to play in a beer pong tournament and reconnect with an old girlfriend Jenna (Julia Levy-Boeken). They attempt to enlist the assistance of Arash, the son of a wealthy despot (Danny Pudi). However, his father was deposed, and the CIA kidnapped everyone. The four hopeless knuckleheads are now on their way to the tournament. The three gentlemen are utterly unimpressive. There aren’t enough acting talent in this town. Danny Pudi is at the very least bizarre. Every now and then, DJ Qualls seems to retell the story of the road trip to the new freshmen. It’s a clumsy attempt to reintroduce the original ‘Road Trip.’ This is a straightforward T&A film with some offensive humor. It’s just not amusing enough.

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Beer bongs are easy to produce, and it’s not difficult to improve their usability. A funnel, a valve, a tube, and clamps are required. Learn how to make a beer bong by watching this live bartending tutorial.
This video demonstrates how to make a beer bong with a capacity of ten beers.
To make a beer bong, you’ll need a valve that opens in a clockwise direction.
This valve should be screwed into the tubing.
The valve is threaded, which ensures a strong seal on the tubing.
After the tube has been t…read more
Are you about to wow a bar full of strangers? You can make a beer bong with only a straw and a lighter using this trick! With a lighter and a straw, make a beer bong. To watch this video on oneminuteu.com, go here.
In this episode of “Pimp My Crib – Campus Cribs,” we’ll look at how to give your ‘Pad’ a cool little makeover that everyone can appreciate. We’re going to create a three-story tall beer bong. The following things are required: A funnel, a piece of string, and about 20 feet of tube…

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