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One of the most effective email templates is GIFs. Did you know that using animated GIFs in your emails will boost click-through rates by up to 42%? A six-second animation may be the difference between success and failure.
When designing an email, color is an important aspect to consider because it can easily attract the reader’s attention and keep them engaged. People get an inordinate amount of emails with plain text, bland photographs, and subject lines.
Coach is known for its vibrant handbag designs, and what better way to showcase them than in an animated GIF email?
The color change is quick enough to pique your interest, but slow enough to allow the reader to consider each handbag displayed.
According to one report, a viewer’s reaction to color may account for up to 60% of a product or service’s acceptance or rejection.
That is to say, the way we use colors in emails has an effect on us psychologically.
In the same study, 93 percent of buyers said they consider visual appearance when making a purchase, and nearly 85 percent said color is a primary motivator.
Color can have such an effect on your click-through rate and purchases.

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Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that has risen to prominence as a result of a number of recent activities and studies. The emphasis is on key individuals who are considered to embody the entire target market.
It is inconspicuous if done correctly, and that is the argument. It’s all about putting the strength of a social network to work for you. So, how do you make sure your next influencer marketing campaign is successful? Try out these five pointers.
Create a persona and get to know your customer on a personal level. Then, based on that, choose the most appropriate person to serve as a representative. But keep in mind that numbers can be deceiving. You’d rather choose people with 3000 followers who are in the right demographic than someone with 30,000 followers who a) have no idea what your product is about and b) have no interest in it.
The blogger is under no obligation to write a positive review of your product. Increase your chances by catering to their preferences. If you’re a backpack manufacturer, for example, learn about the blogger’s color preferences and give them the product in that color.

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The file type GIF is, in reality, older than the internet. ISP CompuServe created the realistic graphic format in 1987. It can be used to combine several images into a single file. In addition, the format compresses the file size of saved images and supports a wide variety of colors, and a GIF takes up a relatively small amount of space. Since GIFs are pure image files and require little data storage compared to video formats, even less powerful computer software at the time was able to view the individual images as moving image sequences.
GIFs allowed early web browsers to view animated images without freezing during the commercial growth of the internet in the 1990s, paving the way for their popularity. Soon, a flickering font or similar animations could be found on almost any website. GIFs became a mass sensation when internet connections became quicker and social media sites appeared, and the fact that mobile devices can quickly store and load GIFs most likely contributed to their popularity.

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BUTTGOAL is the overall winner of GIF TOURNAMENT V. It now has the chance to battle THE RAPTOR in a special bonus round. It will be known as the greatest animated sports GIF of all time if it wins.
Since the inception of SB Nation’s GIF TOURNAMENT, THE RAPTOR has been regarded as the greatest animated sports GIF of all time, having defeated MORTIFIED MICHIGAN PUNTER in the inaugural event. He has awaited the winner at the very end of every GIF tournament ever, and devoured each of them in the polling: first BUCK SHOWALTER, then TIM LINCECUM, and finally METS FAN. ANOTHER SACRIFICE IS Needed BY THE RAPTOR. PLEASE VOTE!!!
Our Washington State blog, CougCenter, has the tale. Fan of Washington State University. Man Who Makes Popcorn Asics Dad is a time traveler. This GIF goes by many names, and he’s become a cult hero. I see him as the spiritual successor to GIF TOURNAMENT III’s grand champion, TIM LINCECUM. Popcorn Guy, like Lincecum, just sits there throwing ballpark snacks in the general direction of his face, oblivious to anything else going on around him. Unlike Lincecum, he is alone and unconcerned with amusing others. In the storm, in a sea of chairs, with an avalanche of popcorn rolling down his chest and his hands loosely clutching trash, he was alone. All of this was seen through the shaky lens of a camera on the opposite end of the stadium, pointed there by someone whose eye had spotted something extraordinary.

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