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Last miute offers for a golden cross to bear online

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When the faster SMA 50 (the simple moving average of the last 50 bars) crosses over the slower SMA 200, the strategy goes long. When the SMA 50 falls below the SMA 200, orders are closed. There is no other stop loss or profit goal in this simple strategy…
This momentum oscillator measures perceived momentum within a pattern by measuring the difference between the 13/49 EMA (“Golden Cross” metrics based on recent research). The crossovers of the EMAs are indicated by crosses on the 0 axis. The colors are designed to complement the signal line (default is 20 SMA). This can be changed to suit your needs.
Applying two moving averages to a map, one longer and one shorter, is a tactic. It’s a buy signal when the shorter MA 50 days crosses over the longer term MA 200 days, indicating that the trend is turning upward. A “golden cross” is what this is called.

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Statistical analysis is used to make trading decisions in technical analysis. To evaluate stocks and markets, technical analysts rely on a large amount of data, which is often presented in the form of charts. The trend lines on these charts sometimes curve and cross in ways that form shapes, which are sometimes dubbed “cup with handle,” “head and shoulders,” and “double top.” Technical traders learn to identify these common trends and what they might mean for a stock’s or market’s future results.
The golden cross and the death cross are diametrically opposed. A golden cross indicates a future long-term bull market, while a death cross indicates a future long-term bear market. Both apply to a short-term moving average crossing over a big long-term moving average as strong evidence of a long-term pattern.

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In 1918, the bloodiest combat in US military history lasted 47 days. In an almost forgotten chapter of World War One, more than 26,000 people were killed and nearly 100,000 were injured, including Private Gustave Amm of the Illinois 33rd “Golden Cross” Division.
Kanestar Productions presents “A Golden Cross to Bear: A Story of the 33rd Division in World War One,” a five-part documentary series created in collaboration with WTVP-TV, the PBS station serving Central Illinois, and the United States World War 1 Centennial Commission.

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More than a million Americans fighting in France in the autumn of 1918 took part in the bloodiest campaign in American military history. In a chapter of “The Great War” that few Americans are familiar with, over 100,000 American “doughboys” were wounded and over 26,000 were killed in action over the course of 47 days of battle. During the 100th anniversary of World War I, “A Golden Cross to Bear” follows the grandson of a 131st Infantry Regiment soldier who embarks on a global quest to retrace the steps of those who helped end the war, and how that experience influenced the world map and his own family.

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