Alibaba shipping container

Alibaba shipping container

Container booking on alibaba and how to minimize the

So I’ve been looking at prefab shipping container homes on Alibaba, and there are a ridiculous number of them, with prices varying widely (most too good to be true). I’m just curious if someone has been through this process and either thought it was a bad idea or had success with it. Any help will be greatly appreciated. There are currently 8 comments. 100 percentsavehidereportsavehidereportsavehidereportsa Voted up This discussion has been ended. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

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Traditional home construction takes time and costs a lot of money. We can now live in shipping container homes thanks to alternative living concepts. These houses can be designed either on-site or off-site. Since they can be constructed off-site, you can order them as prefabricated homes online. However, not all container home manufacturers appeal to your area’s housing needs. As a result, we’ve brought some lovely shipping containers that can be shipped anywhere in China.
A 40-foot shipping container was used to create this tiny home. It has 320 square feet of interior living space. A living area with a kitchenette and space for a foldable bed is included in the design. There is also a bathroom in the building. This container home also includes chairs, electrical fixtures, and a porch. There is no need to build a foundation for this building. It is available for USD 5,000 on the internet.
This home is made up of two 40-foot shipping containers that provide 320 square feet of living space. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room with a dining area separate from the kitchen, and a kitchen. You’ll also have access to a backyard and an additional deck area. For USD 12,000, you can order this housing unit online.

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Ant Group and Alibaba Group today announced a collaboration with COSCO Shipping to investigate the use of Ant Blockchain technology in the global shipping industry. COSCO is the world’s third largest container shipper and a member of the Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN).
The motive, according to Ant, is to solve the difficulty of the shipping process, which involves many steps and many participants. From logistics providers and shipping firms to ports and financiers, blockchain aims to link all organizations. Supply chain finance is the most common use case for enterprise blockchain in China, according to Ant.
“Through Ant Group’s blockchain technology, we look forward to supporting the global shipping industry’s digital transformation and collaborating with COSCO SHIPPING to make global trading simpler and more efficient,” said Eric Jing, Executive Chairman of Ant Group.
The Quingdao Port, which is part of the Shandong Port network, has also been experimenting with blockchain. It revealed in late June that it had handled nearly 500 containers, saving each one 24 hours. A paperless pick-up service for import customers with sea waybills or electronic bills of lading is part of the solution.

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ZIM announced that it had concluded a large strategic partnership agreement with, in which customers would be able to buy sea freight directly from ZIM. Both organizations are considering ways to extend their collaboration.
“We are proud of this first collaboration with, which is part and parcel of our innovative strategic vision,” said Eli Glickman, president and CEO of ZIM. We see it as a fantastic opportunity and a win-win situation that will result in excellent customer service. It’s a significant step forward for ZIM, as it expands digital services for both e-commerce consumers and small and medium businesses.”
ZIM is aiming for e-commerce with a new ‘quick’ service. Service from South China to Los Angeles “The strategic partnership between ZIM and will provide consumers with secure, reliable, and visible cross-border supply chain solutions, as well as provide strong support for the exponential growth of the global digital trade,” said Kuo Zhang, General Manager of

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