All time high meaning

All time high meaning

Manafest – all time high (official audio)

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Rita Coolidge’s single “All Time High” was released in 1983.
Rita Coolidge’s single “All Time High” is the B-side of her album Octopussy (Extended Instrumental Version)
It was first released in 1983.
Type of music
Soft rock, pop rock
3:02 min.
Songwriter(s)ProducerLabel (s)
The Order of James Bond Theme Singles
After being absent from the For Your Eyes Only soundtrack due to tax issues, John Barry, the regular James Bond theme composer, returned with “All Time High.” Barry had hoped to collaborate with Don Black again, but his obligations to the musical Merlin forced him to look for a new lyricist. Tim Rice accepted the invitation without hesitation. [1] The song was produced by Barry’s friend Phil Ramone, with Stephen Short handling the recording and mixing duties. [2] The Octopussy soundtrack was recorded over the course of five days in early April 1983.

Rita coolidge – all time high

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The holidays – all time high

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Rita coolidge – all time high (the theme song from

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