Alpha pool products

Alpha pool products


Only Alpha Pool Products is a manufacturer of high-quality swimming pool construction materials. With over 250 years of combined experience, we are a customer-focused business that uses innovative production processes, software, and the most advanced technology in precision materials to manufacture the highest quality structural products ever made in the swimming pool industry. We specialize in both in-ground and semi-in-ground swimming pools.
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Inground pool 16×32 with steel wall construction install

The Funtastic Pool is an easy way to plan, order, and construct a pool.

Titan steel system swimming pool build

Starting with our shapes, our basic request forms will lead you through the process of selecting your pool’s various choices.
THE FUNtastic pool has features that set it apart from other related pools in terms of quality and appearance. You can be confident that THE Funtastic swimming pool is a perfect backyard investment, thanks to the indestructible pool paneling, proprietary Top Rail options, and additional rust security, Alpha Advantage Shield, on the pool walls.
It is critical that you read the “security literature” that comes with your Funtastic Pool for your family’s safety. We insist that you read all of the literature included in your Funtastic pool liner or Funtastic Pool kit.

Fuzion / structural armor – composite swimming pool

CARTER OOSTERHOUSE is a well-known lifestyle specialist in the United States. Trading Spaces, Red and Hot & Green, Million Dollar Rooms, and Celebrity Motor Homes are just a few of the famous television shows that have aired on the network. He began his career as a carpenter on TLC’s hit show Trading Spaces and has since evolved his passion and talents to help better people’s lives by improving their surroundings.
Commercial and residential builders and project managers are moving to technology instead of traditional construction materials like concrete and corrosive metals to complete projects because it requires less machinery and labor. To complete high-end work, whether commercial or residential, the Evolution method has integrated 21st century technologies and processes!

The alpha evolution – vinyl liner swimming pool without the

“I spent 20 years at Fort Wayne Pools, beginning as an entry-level salesperson and eventually rising to the role of acting president,” says Epple. “It was an incredible experience for me, but the owners wanted to sell the business, and I left shortly after.”
“The problem is, all of our Fort Wayne Pools customers called me and said they needed us and wanted to continue doing business with me. How do you say no when you have that kind of customer loyalty?”
“I was starting from scratch, but I had more than 20 years of experience in the swimming pool industry, so I had wiped out all of the common mistakes that young businesspeople make, putting us ahead of the game. I completely redesigned all of our products, and we had around $2 million in molds and another $750,000 in machines. It was a significant financial commitment.”
For the first few years, he says, it was also a frightening trip. It was a difficult time, particularly when the recession struck in 2008. Epple went for years without receiving a paycheck, and he also struggled to pay his staff.

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