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This service was used by a friend of mine to repair their machine. She brought it to me to try out because she wasn’t sure if she did the right thing. Malewarbytes and Comodo Anti-Virus are installed on my computer. Both tests are negative. Is this “America Geeks” service legitimate?
I’m not familiar with them. They could be a legitimate business, and their lack of visibility on search engines and the like could be due to them being fresh (I’m not sure), but there’s not much else out there about them, except for a few strange and scripted “satisfied customer” videos on YouTube. I’d suggest that she run full scans with both the Microsoft Safety Scanner and the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, in addition to the scans she’s already run. The complete scans can take a few hours each, but it’s safer to be safe than sorry, because she can use the machine when they’re both going. Be sure to uncheck the option to change the home page to MSN and the search engine to Bing before installing the Malicious Software Removal Tool. Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool Microsoft Safety Scanner Edited the text to reflect the fact that the Safety Scanner DOES have a full scan option. I hadn’t run any of them in a long time.

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Scammers are out of force during the holiday season. We got a call last week that our “Cloud” had been hacked. We don’t have any cloud storage, so it’s clearly a ruse, and we didn’t respond.
My mother received a recorded message on her answering machine yesterday (11/28/18) instructing her to call 1-844-8868577 for more details about a refund due to the tech support company’s closure. The female voice on the recording has a very artificial tone to it. My Mom does not own a computer, laptop, or smartphone, so this was clearly a ruse.
I got a call today about the same as above, asking for a routing number and such, and claiming to be “Globe Insurance” for my $300+ device repair refund? I quickly hung up. However, I have their phone number, and they promptly returned my call. She was not an English native speaker. I felt compelled to report this. If they have my phone number, they have an address to send it to if I have a refund coming from anywhere. That is something I am fairly certain of.

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The perpetrators of an online tech-support fraud scheme, which was first brought to the attention of US authorities by Microsoft, have been shut down by a federal court for allegedly attempting to defraud hundreds of elderly and disabled victims, according to the Department of Justice.
The United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida granted a permanent injunction against Michael Brian Cotter, 59, of Glendale, Calif., and four companies: Global Digital Concierge Pte. Ltd., formerly known as Tech Live Connect Pte. Ltd.; Sensei Ventures Incorporated and NE Labs Inc.; and KeviSoft LLC, based in New York.
According to a DOJ press release, Cotter operated a technical-support fraud scheme in India with co-conspirators from at least 2011 to 2020, according to the complaint filed in October. Consumers in the United States were contacted via pop-up notifications on the internet that falsely claimed to be security warnings from Microsoft or another well-known organization. According to the press release:

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After that, I had a problem with my router, so I called their company, and all they did was make a three-way call to Verizon. Verizon was the one that came out and patched my router, despite the fact that their Scam company had done nothing. This raised a red flag for me, so I called them back and requested a refund. They gave me a $800 refund for mobile phone coverage, but declined to give me any other refunds. They deleted files, installed free spy ware, and malware on my computer without my permission when they gained access to it. They signed up for these free trial services using my name and details. When I called for help, I could hear them laughing at me as they tried to tell me that my personal information was being stolen and that it was being used on pornographic websites. As they were feeding me this nonsense, I covered up my camera on my phone, and the technician asked, “Ma’am, are you still there ma’am?” They were keeping an eye on me.
I’ve been calling and asking for my money back. They promise to call me back, but they never do. I called the number on my contract today, and they kept telling me what number I dialed. I believe they want to disconnect all of their phone numbers that I might have. Today, I was moved four times and informed that GeekAmericas was no longer in business (despite the fact that they had all of my documents and knew who I was). They now claim to be ProHelps247. DO NOT TRUST THIS BUSINESS; THEY ARE A GROUP OF FRAUDSTERS.

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