Why buy american express itunes?

Why buy american express itunes?

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I was trying to get iTunes to approve my AmEx Gift Card a few days ago, but it kept saying the security code was invalid. Unlike VISA and MasterCard, an AmEx Card’s security code is printed on the front and is four digits long. There was no doubt in my mind that this code was right and that I was typing it correctly.
It worked for me after I left an empty space after the card’s last number. The explanation for this was that iTunes needed four 4-digit sections (16 digits) of the credit card number, but AmEx only required 15 digits. This was causing the security code to be invalid.
I was initially worried that I had done something I shouldn’t have (if that’s even true, which I doubt). However, I received my iTunes receipt yesterday and reviewed AmEx — it worked; iTunes was able to move funds from my credit card.

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To get to your iTunes account quickly, go to the Store menu and select “View My Account (Your Apple ID).” If you’re already in the iTunes Store, simply click on your Apple ID, which is always available in the right-hand navigation bar (your Apple ID is the email address associated with your iTunes account).
To prevent unauthorized access to your account, iTunes will always ask for your password at that point. When you enter it, the iTunes Store’s “Apple Account Details” page will appear. This page includes all of the settings for your profile and account, including the ability to change your credit card.
The last four digits of the credit card currently on paper, as well as the credit card type, are shown on the second “line” of your iTunes account; at the end of this line, click the Edit Payment Information button.
Visa, MasterCard, American Express (“Amex”), Discover, and “PayPal” are the credit cards accepted by the US iTunes Store; however, what you see can vary depending on which country store you use.

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• American Express Business Card members also have the option of setting up multiple automatic payments in a single month. Choose from regular, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly fees, or pay when the account’s total balance exceeds a certain amount.
The AMEX app and website are simple to use, fast and easy to navigate, and accurately represent all purchasing activity. It’s well worth it. That’s why it’s so aggravating when payments aren’t applied to the account promptly. I make payments to my bank account via automatic debit, either on a regular basis via AutoPay or on a one-time basis. Payments are almost always debited from my bank account before being credited to my AMEX account. I want the account balance reported to the credit reporting agencies to be zero at the end of the billing period (on alternating months). When there are payments on the account and I pay on the last or second last day of the billing period, the payment does not appear for 2 days, leaving an account balance at the end of the billing cycle. That irritates me greatly. And it’s strange because charges are always added to my account before I’ve even gotten to my car after leaving the shop. Perhaps you can help – it’s crazy.

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I was cynical when I first learned that my 2020 travel plans were doomed, assuming that any “new” advantage offered would be inferior, but I was pleasantly surprised!

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Please see the new advantages of individual credit cards by clicking here.
The $20 streaming credit given by the Amex Platinum card is perhaps my favorite new perk. In reality, I was able to use this credit to purchase a brand new Apple Watch and an Apple TV for my husband for just $57 out of pocket!! Read on to learn how I did it and how you can do the same with your Amex Platinum card.
Obviously, $20 won’t get you an Apple Watch or an Apple TV, but the money credited to your Apple ID builds up month after month and never expires.
Your Apple bank account is practically brimming with cash!
My husband and I both have three Amex Platinum cards, so we’ve been putting $120 a month into our Apple ID since June, which is how we’ve been able to afford the Apple Watch and Apple TV!!

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