Anarchists are stupid

Anarchists are stupid

Ricky gervais rips on annoying travelers and why death is

How would someone who is intelligent be an anarchist? Do they believe an anarchist society will be a utopia? No, that isn’t going to happen. Without rules, murderers, abusers, robbers, terrorists, and all other forms of scum would be free to roam the streets, and armed gangs would proliferate, leaving no one secure. Crime and abuse will be rampant, and society will self-destruct. Human nature would not allow us to coexist peacefully unless we are governed by a government with rules that are enforced. Sure, some anarchists argue that societies should make and impose their own rules, but guess what? IT’S NO LONGER ANARCHISM. When a society takes on that position, it becomes a government by definition. Seriously, I’m perplexed as to how an anarchist can claim to be intelligent or even possess a functioning brain. Is it possible for anyone to justify why certain people want to be anarchists?
The zoophile in your area. I’m here to answer any questions you might have. There’s even a region: Zoo! You are a hatiater, Norstal wrote, someone who radiates hatred. 1000 Cats is the most cat-obsessed human on the planet, according to Meryuma. Any sexual impulses that can be satisfied in a safe and consensual manner should be free of guilt, according to FST. Strange kinks and fetishes are normal and not to be ashamed of as long as they are performed in an environment where all consents and no one is harmed. RP | Conlang | Short Story | Factbook/Q&A

Anarchy is stupid

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Anarchy in the Twenty-First Century

Anarchism is still a stupid idea (re: thought slime)

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“are you an anarchist?” by david graeber

Three intrepid Anarchist friends from the North Atlantic Archipelago (Ireland, Scotland, and grudgingly England) journey to find reality, socialism, and a Zoom handle that doesn’t require poop in a world dominated by Capitalism.
The Anomie co-hosts met as student activists in the United Kingdom a decade ago and have since progressed to unemployed armchair academics in Dublin. Each week, they (along with a rotating third host) address a different subject from a historical and ideological standpoint, attempting to link it to the new Corporate Feudalism dystopia. Episodes that are currently available Oldest first, then newest first, then newest first, then oldest first, then newest first 21 March 2021 Jockstrap by Zack Snyder: Modern Fandom’s Madness and the Decline of Art We explore the roots of the new phenomenon of toxic fandom among fans of Pop Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies and TV shows in the final episode of season two. Is this actually a symptom of a profoundly unstable environment that is funneling people into a fantasy echo chamber where they can escape from the horrors of an increasingly oligarchic tyranny, or is it a sign of a deeply chaotic world that is funneling people into a fantasy echo chamber where they can hide from the horrors of an increasingly oligarchic tyranny?

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This evaluation of the G8 summit in Genoa did not come from a representative of the government, the police, or the “establishment.” Rather, it came from Mr. Jammie Drummond, a spokesperson for the “Drop The Debt” campaign in the United Kingdom.
If, prior to this meeting, analysts spoke of “two Genoas,” one for government delegations and one for the anti-globalisation protest movement, it is now necessary to recognize the existence of a “third” Genoa. That is, the violent protest movement, which is made up of ill-defined, poorly-structured anarchist groups like the “Black Bloc” (a name given to them by German police), which was responsible for most of the violence over the weekend.
Arriving in Genoa and driving through a ghost town of empty highways, shuttered stores, no traffic, no people, and a suffocating police presence, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in Santiago, Chile, the morning after Gen Pinochet’s coup. Everyone wondered whether a G8 summit was worth such a large military and financial deployment (approximately £80 million).

President donald trump’s response was complicit, he

“The fact that there is something rotten about language itself is at the center of fascist agitation… We must be wary of the notion that fascist rhetoric is a modern phenomenon in our culture… In the prehistory of what you describe as the fascist handling of language, the peasant’s mistrust of the city dweller with his mastery of language… is an aspect of anti-Semitism…” Horkheimer, in a July 1946 letter to Lowenthal.
Anarchist Studies has the unfortunate misfortune of being widely overlooked. Since they are reputedly committed to political liberation, its authors have the right to be bad “scholars” among academics. Since these “scholars” are considered to be engaged in scholarly study of some value, the reactionary views of Anarchist Studies contributors are ignored by political activists. Despite the fact that “I” am neither an academic nor an anarchist, “I” wish to protest this double error by “reviewing” “Leigh Starcross’ “review essay” “Anti-Art: The Limits Of Critique” published in Anarchist Studies Volume 4 #1 (March 1996).

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