And everything else too

And everything else too

We’re too early for the nintendo direct so here’s everything

So, you ask, how does Easter compare to Mr. Karswell’s favorite holiday, Halloween? It has sweets, a mysterious being who has returned from the dead, and people dressed up in old-fashioned, adorably adorable bunny costumes. What could be better, really? Of course, it’s Halloween, but here are a few Collegeville classics from the Karswell Kollection to remind us all that the superior holiday is just 210 days away — and just 26 days before Walpurgisnacht!
This week, Friday Frights returns to AEET with a vengeance! Many of you who are faint of heart, pregnant, or have children under the age of 12 in the room may want to provide some parental advice on the following horrors, courtesy of the late 1950s terrors of Zany #1, Zany #3, and Zany #4. Featuring heinous artwork by ghastly golden age period legends such as Bill Everett, Paul Reinman, John Forte, and others!
Is there something that people tell “Like a Maharajah” about? You might tell that if you were wearing this amazing vintage sleepshirt I found last week (in its original packaging, no less!) that you now “Sleep like a Maharajah,” assuming that this is some kind of pajama fact of how a Maharajah actually sleeps. It doesn’t come with a matching colored turban for your sleepy head, but it does come with a matching sleepshirt for your Redhotmahma, so you can dress up and rule the night away together, most fashionably, with buttons made of genuine imitation pearl, rather than ivory.

Heretics covers – hoobstank – the reason (on drums here

That means it’s crucial to not only participate in Communion and parish processions and celebrations, but also to pray and spend time contemplating the mystery of Christ’s presence among us.
Indeed, loving others is one of the ways we are taught to experience the mystery of Christ’s presence in our time and age up close and personal: “Whatever you did for the least of my brothers [and sisters], you did for me” (paraphrase of Matthew 25:40).
That is, we are promised that our encounter with Christ through these physical “meetings,” namely, in the Word of God, through Holy Communion, and also by receiving Him in the Poor, the Imprisoned, and the “least” of our brethren, will transform us.

Inzo – overthinker

Mansions this close to the beach look like a mirage, like some phantasmagorical paradise castaways expect to find after a shipwreck. This fantasy, however, is a tropical dream house described for $36.5 million by Chad Carroll of Compass.
The sprawling Tuscan-style home, located in Coral Gables’ exclusive double-gated community of Tahiti Beach Island (aptly named), has 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and a huge pool just yards from the beach—just in case the bay isn’t large enough for you to wade in.
The Finger Lakes are a cool-climate wine region with a plethora of grape varieties.
A Decade Later, the Writer’s Supersonic Fighter Jet Joyride Still Haunts Him
Hemingway’s future trip to Cuba would be inspired by an old-world thank you.
“A property like this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Carroll says. “Estates like this don’t come up for sale very often. 4 Tahiti Beach Island Road is one of only two homes in the city with a private beach, and it’s one of the most expansive prime waterfront lots in all of Miami.”

Fink – looking too closely

On Sunday afternoon against the Giants, Jalen Ramsey was all over the ground, recording five tackles, including one for a loss. After the Rams’ 17-9 victory at SoFi Stadium, however, it wasn’t his success that had everyone talking. Fans and media members were drawn to him because of his altercation with Golden Tate.
During postgame handshakes on the floor, the two traded punches and wrestled to the ground, resulting in a large scrum on the L.A. logo. After the game, Ramsey went on the hunt for Tate, reportedly waiting outside the Giants’ locker room for the seasoned wideout.
Personal problems are likely to blame for the brawl that ensued after the final whistle, but no one knows for sure; neither Ramsey nor Tate were available to the media. Ramsey, on the other hand, tweeted on Monday morning that he’s celebrating victory after winning on the field, in life, and in “everything else too.”
Is Ramsey implying that his battle with Tate was a victory? It seems so, but he didn’t take a clear shot at the Giants wide receiver, so it’s difficult to tell with certainty. Ramsey and Tate obviously have a strained relationship stemming from family links between Ramsey and Tate’s sister, and it boiled over on the field on Sunday.

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