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🥨 Apple support

The above message keeps appearing in my inbox. I couldn’t recall the hidden questions and made far too many mistakes. The first problem was that nothing happened when I clicked on the connection to send the code to an emergency email. I found a way to send a six-digit code to a trusted computer on this message board. I was able to go in and reset the hidden questions as a result of this. The next step was for me to log back in and double-check everything. When I try to use the EDIT option or edit some value in that section, I still get “too many incorrect verification attempts.” If you have any suggestions? Please accept my heartfelt gratitude.
You start a “timeout” phase when you try your security questions too many times. You can’t reset your questions during the timeout, no matter how hard you try. The timeout should last for eight hours.

💫 You have entered an incorrect verification code too many times apple

I recently attempted to allow 2FA for iCloud, but it keeps telling me to try again every time I enter the code sent to my phone. Since I’ve sent so many codes, it now says it won’t give me any more (as quoted in title).
“Try entering your verification code again,” I kept getting. I found that I live in a country that does not recognize 2FA. It’s odd that the Apple program doesn’t remember this and keeps telling me to try again.
After an 8-hour wait, try again. If the codes don’t work after the first two attempts, press didn’t receive code and try another option (text me, call me, didn’t receive code). It appears that you are experiencing a software problem. In the long run, a backup and restore could be useful, but for now, just wait the 8 hours.
In this situation, contact Apple Help. If you can’t fix a failed log in, your account will be locked to secure it, and it’s best to contact the provider for assistance in reviewing your precise lockout and settings.

💨 Too many verification attempts

“Your Apple ID has been locked for security reasons,” says the error message that many iDevice users get. You must check your identity in order to unlock it.” Apple gives you the option of unlocking your Apple ID by answering security questions. But what if you can’t recall the answers to your Apple ID protection questions as well? No need to be concerned!! Continue reading to find out how to unlock your Apple ID without having to answer any security questions, as well as how to reset or change your Apple ID security reasons.
Apple assists you in accessing your Apple ID that has been disabled or locked for security purposes by answering your Apple ID security questions. However, things get more complicated when you forget those answers as well. That’s when unlocking your Apple ID without a password becomes essential.
Apple ID can be unlocked using two-factor authentication. To unlock your account if you use two-factor authentication, you’ll need access to a trusted computer (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Mac) or a trusted phone number. Here’s how to use your trusted iPhone to reset your password and open your Apple ID:

🦝 Too many attempts to verify apple id email

Apple re-enabled the option to provide a recovery key associated with an Apple ID in a minor update that arrived with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Two-factor authentication is available in Apple’s ecosystem-spanning account scheme, which includes both a password and a smartphone or phone number associated with the account to login. On top of that, there’s the recovery key.
When an Apple ID recovery key is enabled, the password for the account can only be updated on a trusted computer and with possession of the key. A trusted device is one that is enrolled in two-factor authentication and is logged into iCloud using the Apple ID (or a macOS account logged into iCloud with that account). This prevents anyone from trying to alter the password via the Apple ID Web site or the iForgot Apple password recovery site, which serves as a barrier to hijacking.
You can also use the recovery key to restore access to an Apple ID if it’s been locked by Apple for security purposes, which can involve too many failed login attempts—including by someone you don’t know. Bad login attempts that disable access to your Apple ID account are a form of denial of service (DoS), though Apple attempts to block such attempts quietly by detecting patterns.

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