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On Critical Hit: Arcane Deflection: On Rank 5: Arcane Blade Charger (Rank 5): Void Damage Converted to Electricity Damage, Void Damage Converted to Puncture Damage. ), which has a percentage chance of activating the claimed impact. To familiarize new Arcane Management mechanics, the word ‘DISTILL’ was updated to ‘BREAK DOWN.’ Arachne, the Arcane: You can now choose between two different Arcanes that act (generally) at 1.5x efficacy than before, rather than having two of the same Arcane with a double effect. Which, in my opinion, is a good deal because it looks the same but comes with a bonus. Inside the Arcane Manager screen, you can now check and sort. For 12 seconds, there’s a 30% chance of getting +300% Melee Damage. Bodyguard of the Arcane: I just purchased a pair of arcane helmets (for a price around normal helmet price on the market). Prices for Arcane Helmets So I have 15 arcane helmets that I’ve had for a year and I’m not sure how much they’re worth all together or individually. I seem to have a few odd ones *coil esc*. I currently have the following arcanes: Helmet with Aura Chlora Helmet Coil Helmet Esprit Helmet Essence Helmet Gambit Helmet Gauss Helmet Hemlock Helmet Hemlock Helmet Hemlock Helmet Hemlock Helmet Hemlock Helmet Hemlock Helmet Hemlock Helmet Hemlock Helm Swindle Helmet Squall Helmet Vespa Vespa Vespa Vespa Vespa Vespa Vespa Vespa Vespa Vespa Vespa Vespa Vespa Vespa Vespa Vespa Vespa Vespa Vespa Vespa Ve

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The big arcane changes, new metas next week?

This will be fantastic in a variety of PvP scenarios, as well as a few in PvE.

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I’m hoping this one gets in! 🙂

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This was originally intended for a revamped Glyph of Blink, however it has since been renamed Pyroblast!
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This glyph is currently in beta and acts in an unexpected way; once enabled, the blink spell is entirely different, even when going forward. When you use the unglyphed blink, you teleport forward X yards, but when you use this glyph, the game raises your run speed to 1000 percent for a brief second, allowing you to travel in the direction of your momentum rather quickly. This can be quite a change for people who are used to the unglyphed blink; if you blink with this glyph while jumping or dropping, you will not move at all, and blinking in water has no effect. When using this glyph, you can no longer blink through groups of mobs without aggroing something. Blinking over ledges, slopes, and stairs, on the other hand, is a totally different experience.


ESC > EQUIPMENT > FOUNDRY > ARCANES Arcane Blade Charger: This can be achieved inside the Orbiter: Arcanes are now available as a reward for beating the Teralyst, Gantulyst, and Hydrolyst in the Plains of Eidolon, as of Hotfix 22.13.2. However, we are making significant improvements to the Ranking (up from 3 to 5 with power changes).
An Arcane’s maximum rank is determined by its type: Warframe Arcanes can be obtained by killing or capturing Eidolon Teralysts, Gantulysts, and Hydrolysts, while capturing them would produce more exquisite rewards. Many builds specialize in the use of two Arcanes, but we want to promote variation rather than duplication. For trading purposes, you can use the prices listed here, which are updated weekly. Arcanes are Enhancements that can be mounted on your Warframe, Operator, Operator Amp, or Zaw to give them buffs that can be enabled by meeting certain mission conditions.
Made with care. In Arcana Isolation Vaults, Arcane Guardian Residual Arcanes are dropped. With the exception of Exodia Contagion and Exodia Epidemic, which are unique to Operation: Plague Star, Exodia Arcanes can be purchased from Hok for 10,000 10,000 Ostron standing once you meet the rank of Kin.

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I wanted to make it ward-based, but soon realized that Exsanguinous is useless without at least 100 INT, or level 70+ crafted gear. My necro already had a whole page of unique/set objects, so here’s an item construct I came up with:
I might be incorrect, but I decided to go for the “more hits the better” approach and specced my Meteor into 7 meteors with shrapnel (the reasoning is that you get 7 times more shrapnel, but “less harm” from meteor nodes does not impact shrapnel damage, at least that’s what the tooltip says).
Black Hole: I decided against going for the 200 mana node because, as a mediocre player, I’m afraid I’ll accidentally cast it for full price every now and then. Instead, I increased my blind chance to the maximum, which seems to be beneficial. Almost all bouncing enemies miss me.

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