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1988 Intl Conf on Education in Optics Proceedings, Volume 0978; (1989) https://doi.org/10.1117/12.948596
San Diego, CA, United States, 32nd Annual International Technical Symposium on Optical and Optoelectronic Applied Science and Engineering, 1988
The interaction of research and industry in application-oriented research groups specializing in the creation of optoelectronic instruments and measurement methods is the subject of this paper. The research teams are based in Oulu, a city in northern Finland, in an industrial area that used to be dominated by pulp and paper industries, but is now dominated by metalworking and engineering. These well-established industrial sectors are fast to implement new technology for automation and process improvement. Furthermore, study groups develop innovative product concepts and pilot installations that result in new emerging businesses. Optical and infrared process analyzers, semiconductor laser-based dimension measurements, and optoelectronic hybrid module fabrication are among the technologies considered. There are examples of innovative products and businesses that use these technologies. Additional education and skills, especially in miniature optics and related constructions, are seen as critical for the future.

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Yukon River Camp, Coldfoot Camp, and Deadhorse Camp are our three remote camps in Alaska’s Arctic. All three camps provide essential food and accommodation for Arctic visitors. We take pride in preparing delectable handcrafted meals, maintaining immaculate cleanliness, and welcoming our guests to the Arctic wilderness we adore with a sincere and authentic spirit of soulful hospitality.
Our camps are located along the Dalton Highway, Alaska’s arctic wilderness highway. From Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay, the Dalton extends 500 miles north. The Yukon River, the Arctic Circle, the Brooks Mountain Range, and the Arctic Coastal Plain are all visible along the highway until it ends at the Arctic Ocean’s shores.
A small Alaska-based corporation owns and operates Yukon River Camp, Coldfoot Camp, and Deadhorse Camp. We understand that the professionalism of our coworkers is a vital component in creating a fantastic hospitality experience for our guests. Shared ideals are the foundation of a great workplace. As a result, it is our mission to recruit coworkers who share our belief: Many fantastic coworkers have made their way to our Camps. Many of our colleagues return to our Camps for several seasons, while others never leave because they have made a home in Alaska’s Arctic.

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Lt Cdr, MSc (Soc) (Ret) Iceye ltd, an Earth Observation service provider with a microsatellite constellation, has Tero Vauraste as Regional Director Europe. He is the owner and President of Mariadi ltd., a Helsinki-based multinational strategic, Arctic, and maritime consulting firm. He has held the positions of CEO of Nurminenlogistics Plc, a Finnish logistics firm, and CEO of Arctia, a polar maritime services company with a fleet of more than 30 vessels operating in the Baltic Sea and the Arctic Ocean. He was the CEO of Hertz Car Rental in Finland and Finnair’s SVP of Ground Handling. In the defense sector, he has held numerous executive roles. He served in the Finnish Coast Guard as a vessel captain, a special unit commander, and a SAR instructor. He was a member of the Arctic Economic Council’s Executive Committee from 2014 to 2019, and Chairman from 2016 to 2018. He is a member of the Arctic Circle’s Advisory Board and an Emissary of the Arctic Circle. He is a member of the Finnish Arctic Society’s Board of Directors and the Finnish Lifeboat Institution’s Advisory Board. He also holds a number of other positions of confidence. He has written several papers and articles on Arctic issues and is a well-known speaker at international Arctic conferences. He has a history in athletics. He is a doctoral student at Finland’s National Defense University, where he is studying supply protection.

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The Arctic Circle is one of the two polar circles and the most northerly of the five main latitude circles on Earth’s charts. On the December solstice, it marks the northernmost point where the center of the noon sun is just visible, and on the June solstice, it marks the southernmost point where the center of the midnight sun is just visible. 1st [two] The Arctic is located to the north of this circle, while the Northern Temperate Zone is located to the south.
The Sun is above the horizon for 24 continuous hours at least once per year (and therefore visible at midnight) as seen from the Arctic, and below the horizon for 24 continuous hours at least once per year (and thus invisible at midnight) (and therefore not visible at noon). This is also valid south of the corresponding Antarctic Circle in the Antarctic zone.
The Arctic Circle’s location is not set, but it is actually 66°33′48.5′′ north of the Equator.
[three] Its latitude is determined by the Earth’s axial tilt, which varies by more than 2° over a 41,000-year cycle due to tidal forces caused by the Moon’s orbit. [number four] As a result, the Arctic Circle is actually shrinking (drifting northwards) at a rate of about 15 m (49 ft) each year.

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