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Art coin tv

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Zwarenstein, Alex 29″ x 33″ Original Oil on Canvas Alex Zwarenstein, a realist painter, is known for depicting the structural architecture of New York City as well as the characters that populate it. Zwarenstein works in a variety of media, including oil, gouache, and watercolor, and his palette is brightly punctuated with contrasting opaque and transparent surfaces. His paintings are memory compositions done in a process of textural layering over a titanium white ground. There are glimpses of underpainting: perspective lines, image fragments – elements of the creative process showing through. The effect is an attractive, abraded dimensional surface quality that resembles archeology; there are glimpses of underpainting: perspective lines, image fragments – elements of the creative process showing through. ART STORE
Original Pencil Drawing on Paper26″ x 24″ by Guillaume Azoulay
Guillaume Azoulay was born in the Moroccan city of Casablanca in 1949. He is now regarded as a prolific and gifted artist on a global scale. His self-taught style is characterized by movement, strength, and grace. Azoulay’s thirst for adventure has brought him to many parts of the world since he was thirteen, and he has supported himself by drawing and acting. Azoulay has quickly established himself as one of the most well-known and successful American etchers. This original pencil drawing comes ready to hang in a custom case. ART STORE

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Every now and then, a coin sequence bursts onto the scene for a few years, only to fade away. Often it takes three or four launches before interest fades, but very rarely, a sequence of coins catches the market’s heart and remains at the top of its game for years. The Tiffany Art series of architecture coins, released by the Liechtenstein-based coin producer CIT Coin Invest, or simply CIT, is the first in this collection.
The first coin in the series was published in 2004 and featured a striking design that included a window inlaid with a piece of genuine Tiffany glass. The piece of glass was one-of-a-kind for each coin, giving it the individuality that makes collectors want something that mass-produced pieces don’t.
Each coin is made of 2 oz. of 0.999 silver and strikes the ideal balance between being wide enough for the artwork to shine while still being dense enough to bear the deeper three-dimensional effect needed to showcase the architecture the coin was honoring. It only took a mintage of 999 pieces to pique interest, and that interest continues to this day, as each release sells out quickly at the mint. Five of the first six coins have won or ranked extremely in coin competitions, and the series is showing no signs of slowing down. The first two coins were issued for Liberia, but after a year without a release in 2006, they were reissued for Palau.

Coin show spectacular live stream 1/2/16

At the start of this episode of The Streets of San Francisco, actor Jamie Farr (later Klinger on MASH) is arrested for smuggling blank double-eagle size gold planchets into the country. (Private gold ownership in the United States was severely limited from the Great Depression until 1975.)
In A Set of Eagles (season 1, episode 18), murderous coin dealer Vincent Hagopian Jr. uses the planchets to strike fake double eagles in the basement of his coin shop in Maiden Lane, just off San Francisco’s Union Square, including a 1907 Ultra High Relief.
Hagopian, played by veteran character actor John Saxon, uses a small screw press to make his counterfeits after hand-engraving the dies. He makes sure his fakes don’t have any “hair lines,” which he claims are telltale casting flaws. His intention is to replace the fake coins with genuine coins in a 40-coin set that his late father, a trustworthy coin dealer, had assembled for client John R. James.
There are a few shots of James’ collection in the episode, but no close-ups of individual coins. According to the plot, James bought the 1907 coin in 1962 for $22,500. The coin is still a rarity today, with only around 15 known, and it regularly sells for more than $2 million at auction.

The world’s largest chewed medicated gumball

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