Asics foundation 13

Asics foundation 13

Asics gel-foundation® 13 sku: 8970967

The Asics Gel Foundation 13 received a favorable response overall. The majority of people were pleased with the features of this stability shoe. They appreciated the underfoot platform’s supportive configuration in particular. The silhouette’s appearance and versatility were also praised. Some, on the other hand, were dissatisfied with the width profiles, although others believed the upper unit was not long-lasting.
The Asics Gel Foundation 13 was designed with a regular length in mind, allowing runners to find a pair that suits their needs. The men’s version has the D – Medium and 4E – Extra Broad width profiles, while the women’s version has the B – Medium and D –Wide width profiles.
A big base accommodates a high-volume foot on the Maximum Support Last. Custom inserts, which some users may choose to use, are also welcome in such an arrangement. This long-lasting method is completed by stitching the upper to a SpEVA 55 board.
the outsole
AHAR® (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) is used for the heel portion of the Gel Foundation 13’s outsole, just like it is in the iconic Asics GT 2000 7. This layer is made of extremely tough carbon rubber. Its job is to shield the rest of the platform from damage while maintaining its structural integrity over long distances.

Asics gel-foundation® 13 sku: 8971226

A great run starts with a smooth stride. With its Guidance Trusstic SystemTM Technology and Dynamic DuoMaxTM Support System, GEL-Foundation® 13 assists extreme over-pronators in achieving more efficient shape. It’s perfect for custom orthotics or athletes with wider builds thanks to its wide forefoot construction and Maximum Support Last. A structured, supportive shoe with premium rearfoot and forefoot GEL® cushioning and a SpevaFoamTM Midsole guarantees an energized toe-off and comfortable landing.
Pronation is a normal human movement that describes the way your foot rolls inward for impact distribution as you land. You will find a comfortable running shoe by first determining your pronation form. Overpronation and Severe Overpronation are addressed by the GEL-Foundation 13.
These shoes are attempting to be so many items at the same time. During growth, it seems that there were far too many recommendations, and sadly, they all seem to have been implemented. The toe box is excessively large. These were created with the intention of allowing you to insert your own orthotics. Regrettably, this means they are too large in the toe box. It’s not a big deal, but it causes the laces to be unevenly tight at the tip.

Asics gel-foundation® workplace sku:8437581

The Asics Gel Foundation 13 is a cushioned and stable running shoe that is designed to correct an overpronated gait. The Foundation 13 features the same tooling as its predecessor, including gel pads in the heel and forefoot to minimize impact and a layered DuoMax support system on the medial side to control overrotation. An engineered mesh upper with no stitch hot-melted overlays is new for 2013, and it has been refined to enhance fit and overall running experience while also giving it a more contemporary look.
The Asics Gel Foundation has long been regarded as a stable and defensive shoe for overpronating runners and walkers. This edition maintains those qualities while also adding elements of style and comfort.
Before testing how much room is left in the front, kick your foot back into the heel of each shoe. When standing in each shoe with the entire weight on the foot, the distance between the end of the longest toe and the end of the shoe should be between half and a full thumb’s width.

Asics gel-foundation 13 2e (wide) – blue black – unboxing

MOTION CONTROL SHOE – Motion Control shoes are made for runners that have a low arch. If the print of your arch covers the entire sole of your foot, you probably have an overpronated foot. During the gait stage, the arch will collapse and your foot will roll inwards (pronate) excessively. Motion control shoes are ideal for heavy runners that need additional support and cushioning. For added stability, Motion Control shoes have strong midsoles and wider soles.
Choose a running shoe that provides a lot of comfort and cushioning. If you forcefully land on the ground or put your weight down on your arch, the FOUNDATION supports you over long distances. It has Dynamic Duomax in the midsole and is our most helpful shoe.

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