If `y=at^2+2bt-c`and ` t = ax^2+2bx+c`, then`(d^3y

Are both (r 1) and (r 2) positive if (r 1) and (r 2) are the roots of the equation (t2 + bt + c = 0), where b and c are constants? (a) a 0(2) b 0(3) c 0 the undertaking Butler Data Sufficiency (DS Butler) (DS3) Click Here if you have any DS butler questions.
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The velocity v of the a particle depends upen the time t

Numbers are expressed in units. The length is measured in meters, the time is measured in seconds, and the mass is measured in kilograms, according to the International System of Units (SI Units). The speed unit is the meter per second, and the acceleration unit is the meter per second squared.
What is the formula for converting a speed in feet per second to a comparable speed in miles per hour? This tutorial walks you through the steps to do just that, as well as some pointers on how to do this sort of conversion correctly.
Have you ever wondered what the coldest temperature on the planet is? You will learn what temperature is in this lesson. You’ll also read about the Kelvin scale (which is an absolute scale) and how it compares to the Celsius scale.
When we calculate the size or quantity of an item, we come across a variety of units. We occasionally need to convert one unit to another, which is where dimensional analysis comes into play. We will learn about dimensional analysis and practice it in this class.
Learn about atom electron shells and the octet rule for valence electrons, as well as how they apply to covalent bonding. Find out what covalent bonding is and how it affects atom relationships.

A position of particle is `x=`at`+bt^(2)-ct^(3)` find

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A particle is moving along the curve `x=at^(2)+bt+c

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