Attack on titan miner story list

Attack on titan miner story list

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☑ The hunters

Is this considered canon? Although everyone is responding to or ranting about episode 25, I doubt most people will read the story at minute 14:57 X). It’s fascinating, and it adds to the mystery surrounding the construction of the walls… What are your thoughts on this? Is the knowledge important or not? BBCodesic mundus is a kind of BBCodesic mundus.
To say the least, it fascinates me. However, I think that the massive wall of text will be too much for some people to handle. I’m not sure how they treated it in the theaters. Darker & Edgier BBCodeDeconstruction
On the topic of: I stopped the video and read the whole thing, which was fascinating. I can’t believe there’s also a wall under the field, WHAT!?!?! What the hell is going on with the walls O O? It just raises further doubts about the wall’s presence ==; BBCodeSignature has been deactivated. Please adhere to the signature guidelines outlined in the Site and Forum Guidelines.
I don’t believe the walls are bad, but I do believe they were built for a purpose, which we don’t know about o-0. Everywhere I look, I detect conspiracies. BBCodeSignature has been deactivated. Please adhere to the signature guidelines outlined in the Site and Forum Guidelines.

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The Walls are spaced at nearly equal intervals from one another. Between Maria and Rose is a distance of about 100 kilometers, and between Rose and Sina is a distance of about 130 kilometers. It’s another 250 kilometers to the middle of the interior from Sina. 1st
Cannons were humanity’s primary anti-Titan weapon prior to the ODM Gear. The cannons were mounted on the Walls to compensate for their lack of mobility, and defensive changes were made to the Walls (for clarity).
To put it another way, this shape resembles a human-powered radar. It is possible for the group to change course before meeting a Titan by allowing Erwin, who sits in the middle of the formation, to quickly learn about Titan spottings. (17)
This specific forest was a popular tourist destination prior to the fall of Wall Maria. It is also a strategically significant position where the Scout Regiment goes on scouting missions to shield themselves from Titans. [nineteen]
When pulled by Scout Regiment horses, the carriages can reach speeds of about 20 kilometers per hour. They can also be driven at a constant pace over stone streets and other bad ground conditions. (#22)

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Attack On Titan is a terrifying, but profoundly complex manga and anime series about a world devastated by massive monsters. The only protection against the Titans is a wall that surrounds the city, which is guarded by the Survey Corps, a small military group dedicated to venturing beyond the walls in order to research the Titans and find a way to destroy them once and for all.
The series was initially panned for including overly upsetting material and ostensibly sending out pro-fascist messages, but it has since received critical acclaim for its complex themes.
Here are ten little-known facts about the characters from the show.
Although the Titans’ size gives the impression that they are watching a mystical fantasy show featuring trolls and giants, their action is more akin to that of zombies, albeit a much larger version of the undead.
Titans don’t seem to think, sleep, or communicate; they’re consumed by an insatiable appetite that can only be satisfied by devouring humans.

👂 Close combat

Have you read the miner story, Anonymous? It’s about a miner who mines to get to Wall Sina and tells his friend about it, and the miner comes across a really hard object that turns out to be one of the titan’s feet. Then he informs the MPs, and he goes missing, followed by his mate. What do you think of this? I’ve read the post, Anon. And, based on Chapter 60, we can deduce that the King does not want the secrets of the Walls to be known: Apart from understanding that people will be “vanished” by the government after digging under the Wall/trying to figure out what happened to the vanished miner, we also know that life underground is difficult! It’s possible that the miner is excavating a section of the Colossal Titan’s leg! (((((((((((((((((((((((

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