Azel in dutch

Azel in dutch

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There are many types of profanity in the Netherlands. The terms used in profanity by Dutch speakers are often based on different disease names. Many euphemisms for diseases have emerged as a result of these words being slang in many situations. 1st
Furthermore, a large number of swear words in Dutch are references to sexual activities, genitalia, or bodily functions. Religious swear words make up a sizable portion of the profanity vocabulary of the Netherlands. Aside from these types, the Dutch language contains a number of terms that are only used to refer to animals and are offensive when used to refer to humans. The Dutch vocabulary is often supplemented by English expressions, and some English swear words are widely used.

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“I used to work at a coffee shop in Hollywood called The Bourgeois Pig, which is still open and one of the only independent coffee shops that hasn’t been taken over. I was one of their first baristas, I believe it was about 1990.”

I’d previously worked with Joel Wang, the assistant director, and he was the one who gave me the call. ‘Hey, would you like to come on and be in the background in a coffee shop?’ he asked. I’d like you to simply stand by the espresso machine and behave as if you’re really using it, just to make it seem more genuine. The show would most likely run for at least six episodes.’ No one really expected it to continue after the first season. Also, ten years! Who would have guessed?”

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Gunther, like Chandler, is a cigarette smoker.

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1st Has had an unrequited love for Rachel since season 3, but only gets the courage to confess in the final episode of season 10, when he learns that she is going to Paris. Gunther used to be an actor who starred in the show All My Children as Bryce. He ends up as a waiter at Central Perk after being killed by being trapped in an avalanche. In “The One Where Eddie Won’t Go,” he confesses this to Joey after Joey tells him that his character, Dr. Drake Ramoray, was dropped down a shaft on the daytime show Days of our Lives.
Despite the fact that Gunther is a constant presence in the lives of the friends, he never makes it into the inner circle. This develops into a running gag. Chandler introduces Gunther as his best man at Ross’ bachelor party, to which Gunther responds, “What’s my last name?” “Central Perk?” Chandler replies dejectedly. Another example is when Ross is congratulating himself on his tenure. Ross requests six glasses, to which Gunther responds with a hopeful “You want me to join you?” “Oh, I thought Joey was here,” Ross responds, “five is fine.”

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The following are translations of the Dutch dialogue:

Rich brian – dat $tick (official video)

(To Ross) Woman: It was a real pleasure to meet a friend of my mother’s. (It’s a great honor for me to meet a mother’s friend.) Ross: Thank you for the coffee. (I appreciate the coffee.) Gunther: Thank you, Gunther. Do you know how to communicate in Dutch? That’s a good one. Do you have any relatives in the area? (Do you know how to speak Dutch? That’s great. Do you have any relatives who live in the area?) Ezel, Gunther. (Either a donkey or an ass.) (It’s also slang for a moron.) Ross: You’re an ezel, you’re an ezel! Gunther: I’ve got a sex with ezels. (You have a thing for donkeys.) Bloemen, Ross. (A bouquet of flowers.)
In this episode, Phoebe dismisses Ross for lunch without hesitation in order to go on a date, but in Friends: The One with All the Cheesecakes (2001), a big plot point is that Phoebe considers this to be really unfair, and she even’middle names’ Joey for doing the same thing to her.

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