Actualizar router pepephone

Actualizar router pepephone

Zte f680 moremobile

This Wi-Fi model is far superior to other routers from operators such as Livebox Fibra or Vodafone, and is very similar to the popular HGU from Movistar. It provides great WiFi coverage indoors, and a stability and wireless speed far above other routers provided by operators. Betting on the ZTE F680 is betting on robustness and a great user experience, because it is simply one of the best routers provided by operators. The reason to stop betting on this model is the price, and is that other manufacturers provide cheaper routers than this one.
This router has a USB 2.0 and a USB 3.0 for file sharing via Samba and FTP, and we can also share multimedia content in high definition thanks to its built-in DLNA server. Both USBs provide exactly the same performance, there is no improvement when using the side port.
The ZTE ZXHN F680 incorporating the ONT inside the router itself, also has two RJ-11 ports to connect phones and call through the Jazztel VoIP service, in the Jazztel fiber phone goes through the router, like other operators. This router allows us to call or receive on two lines simultaneously, that is, we can make two calls to different destinations, or while we talk on the phone can call us and take the call with another phone. All this is transparent to the customer, the router efficiently manages the calls. Jazztel uses a VLAN with ID 1074 to provide Internet service, and within this VLAN goes both Internet traffic and VoIP traffic, so if we have Internet we will have telephone, otherwise we will not have telephone service.

Pepephone customer service

When you contract an Internet service with Pepephone, the operator will always send you home the router configured so that you do not have to do anything at all to navigate, that is, just plug it into the network and electricity and it should work perfectly.    In many cases it is a technician who comes to our house to make all the necessary installations, especially if we have contracted fiber service and we have never had it. In this case, Pepephone’s own employee is the one who leaves everything configured and in perfect working order.
In order to access the router configuration page, the first thing to do is to know the IP address assigned by default. In most cases it will be, but if you try to access from any browser and it does not work, you can easily check which IP it has.
To do this, click on the Cortana browser on your computer and run the CMD application. Click on the black window that will open and type ipconfig. Press enter and look at the IP that appears in default gateway. That will be the IP that you must put in the browser to access the configuration page.

Pepephone hawk travel

One of the main causes of these problems is to be found in the modest devices that are kindly given to us by the operators, generally designed to support the basic services we have contracted but little more. We have already seen some time ago the general characteristics of this type of devices and now it is time to go a little deeper and check exactly what the most popular models that most of us have installed at home have to offer.
Operators are usually more generous with the performance of the routers they deliver on these connections and are more likely to renew equipment, especially when new access speeds are launched on the market.
On the back we find 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and an additional FXS VoiP port for voice calls. All of this is controlled by a Broadcom BCM68380 SoC with support for future symmetrical 1 Gbps connections. However, there are no extra connections such as USB ports for sharing disks or networked devices, which detracts from the equipment compared to other models.

How long does it take pepephone to install fiber?

The end of the process is to remove the router from the operator, Pepephone in this case, so we will need a router that is able to negotiate this connection. The quickest way to test this is to put the ZTE F680 in bridge mode and test our router.
To do this, we access the web interface using 1234/1234 (it is a limited user, we will see later), go to Network > LAN > DHCP Port Service and configure LAN1 in WAN mode (we will run out of internet).
If we want to set up our own ONT, we will need to get the password of the ZTE F680 router. With the upgrades, the vulnerabilities that made this an easy step have been fixed, so it can give us a little war.
We also need to put busybox on the pendrive, making sure to download the version for the correct architecture from the following link (mips in my case, but all indications are that it could also be armv7l)
We connect the USB to the router, and from the interface we make sure that SAMBA is enabled, and also that the USB is mounted. Once it is correct, we go to Windows and access to from the file explorer. From here we will access to our USB memory, and as it has a symbolic link to the SAMBA config file, we will be able to modify it to taste.

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