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We bring you the best babb ico review online

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Summary: Among blockchain start-ups, Banking as a Service has become a competitive niche. The BABB project will have to show that it has the potential to stand out in a crowded field.
The BABB ICO aims to merge blockchain technology’s advances with conventional central banking activities. The service will be planned to provide users with access to a digital currency reserve that can be used for daily transactions as well as international payments.
Consumers would be able to use BABB – Bank Account Based Blockchain – for both fiat and crypto payments, according to the project’s core concept. One of the project team’s reported key goals is to bring banking to the world’s unbanked – anybody with a smartphone should be able to use banking services.
Modern banking approaches, according to the BABB team, are obsolete and exclusionary.
With over 2 billion of the world’s 5 billion working-age adults unbanked and cut off from the global financial system, large swaths of humanity are currently unable to access basic resources including loan programs and international payments. Many of them, on the other hand, do have a smartphone.

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While BABB does not have a payment system in place, one of the main goals is to make it less expensive than other traditional banks or prepaid cards. It’s already registered on the Ethereum network, and BABB held a pre-sale in February 2018, offering 20 billion BAX. According to BABB, a second round could happen as soon as the app is stable, which would be “at the earliest in 2019.” For the time being, all BABB has done is apply for a banking license in the Cayman Islands and prepare for applications to be submitted in Lithuania and the United Kingdom. BABB’s black card would not be a debit or bank card in the traditional sense.
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Rushd Averroes, a Yemeni who moved to the UK and experienced the difficulties of opening a mainstream checking account as an expat, formed the company. Averroes wants to reach out to the two billion people on the planet who are now unbanked.

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Blockchain banking is a new venture. BABB, an FCA-authorized payment institution, is taking a more cautious approach to its token sale. BABB would collect the funds necessary to launch a working product and put their BAX tokens into circulation, with specific promises tied to the funds raised.
“Blockchain startups raised more than US$5.3 billion in total in 2017, but many of them did so without a concrete plan in place. We believe that the existing model is incompatible with an agile development process or a lean business mindset, which is why we’ve chosen to split our token sale into two phases,” said Rushd Averroes, BABB’s Founder and CEO.
The first phase will begin with a pre-sale on 15 January 2018, followed by a main sale that will begin immediately after the pre-sale ends, with a total hard cap of US$20 million for phase one.
“We want to be open and honest with our group and potential BABB platform customers. The truth is that we don’t need all of the funds at once, and we certainly don’t need them all right away,” Averroes explained.

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