Back to the future happy birthday meme

Back to the future happy birthday meme

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1. Before Universal bought the Back to the Future script, it was rejected 40 times. Disney refused, citing the 1955 scene in which Marty kisses the 18-year-old version of his mother as an example of a “film about incest.” (This didn’t seem to deter Disney from purchasing the Star Wars films in which Luke and Leia kiss.)
2. In the famous opening sequence, which shows a slew of clocks ticking and tocking as part of a Doc Brown experiment, one clock quickly shows a man hanging off the minute-hand of a huge clock, much as Doc does later in the film.
3. During development, a Universal executive sent a critical memo to the makers, expressing his dissatisfaction with the film’s title (how does one travel back in time?) and offering his own suggestion: Spaceman From Pluto. Steven Spielberg retorted, farcically thanking the executive for his joke and claiming that the entire crew enjoyed it.
4. The time machine was a refrigerator in early drafts of BTTF (there were many), a joke that George Lucas and Steve Spielberg eventually got to use years later — to much ridicule — in an Indiana Jones film that shall remain unnamed.

Volver al futuro

Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale own the rights to the film and its sequels. In a 2015 interview, Zemeckis stated that the film will not be rebooted or remade during his or Gale’s lifetime.
Michael J. Fox said at a cast reunion in 2010 that people would call him “McFly!” all the time. The most remarkable case, according to Fox, occurred when he was in a remote jungle in Bhutan, a South Asian country situated between China and India in the eastern Himalayas. When a group of Buddhist monks passed him, one of them exclaimed, “Marty McFly!”
Industrial Light and Magic had not finished the final DeLorean-in-flight shot when the film was shown to a test audience, so the final few minutes of the film were shown in black and white. It didn’t matter, because the crowd applauded the final scene regardless.
Ronald Reagan was apparently entertained by Doc Brown’s skepticism that an actor like him might be elected President, to the point where he made the projectionist pause and repeat the scene. He seemed to love it so much that he mentioned it in his 1986 State of the Union speech, saying, “As they said in the movie Back to the Future (1985), ‘Where we’re going, we don’t need paths.'”

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“He [Marty] took the remote control and moved the painting from the art channel to the corner of the screen. Needles’ gap-toothed grin filled the majority of the video display as his head and shoulders filled the rest of the screen and his recognition code blinked on: DOUGLAS J. NEEDLES A6TB-94. ADDRESS: 88 ORIOLE ROAD. Needles was never at home, but that was his address. Marty could tell the other man was still at his workstation from the row of vidmemos behind him. “Jennifer looked closer, and saw Needles behind the wheel [of the truck] — only this time, he was seventeen years old, not middle-aged as he had been in the dream from the future.” Jennifer made a frowning expression. Wasn’t he going to be seventeen years old? Isn’t it true that they were all seniors in high school? Why, then, did she want to see everybody as they were in the dream?”
Marty McFly and his girlfriend Jennifer Parker were acquaintances, but not friends, with Douglas J. Needles (commonly referred to as just Needles). Unlike Biff Tannen, who used to bully Marty’s father George into doing what he wanted, Needles seemed to be more of a competitor to Marty, who could goad and exploit Marty by calling him “chicken.”

Back to the future | time travel in a delorean?

Confounded by the new title that Sheinberg wanted to impose, Zemeckis sought the help of Spielberg, who then dictated a memo to persuade Sheinberg, in which he wrote that they thought his title was just a bad blague, embarrassing him and allowing the title to die[12].
The two directors Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis chose the DeLorean DMC-12 for its futuristic architecture (papillon doors, non-magnétique stainless steel carrosserie[21]).
Yusuke Murata, a mangaka best known for the series One Punch Guy, has announced a manga adaptation of the film titled BTTF (acronym for Back to the Future) for release in 2018. The first volume will be published in April 2018 in Japan[39]. Finally, the project was shelved.
Alien (1980), L’Empire contre-attaque (1981), Superman 2 (1982), E.T., l’extra-terrestre (1983), Le Retour du Jedi (1984), Terminator (1985), Aliens, le retour (1986), RoboCop (1987), (1988)

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