Backed by bayer

Backed by bayer

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Using the Backed by Bayer app from Environmental Science, a division of Bayer CropScience LP, golf course superintendents and lawn care professionals can now instantly access Bayer’s best-in-class innovation and analysis from their iPhone or iPad. For remedies and preventative tips to fight troublesome weeds, turf diseases, and pests, download the free app from the iTunes store.
According to Scott Welge, head of marketing for Bayer’s T&O company, “lawn care operators and superintendents are increasingly being asked to take on responsibilities that go far beyond the conventional reach of turf management.” “It’s important for us to be accessible to superintendents and lawn care professionals when they need knowledge and technological solutions the most – whether on the course or during a customer visit.”
Bayer created the Backed by Bayer app to provide turfgrass professionals with the resources they need to succeed, in a format that fits their business model. Superintendents and lawn care professionals should look for problematic weeds, turf diseases, and insect pests to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it. In addition, the app provides access to Bayer sales representatives, distributors, and current promotions, as well as detailed product information, a cost calculator, weather information, and access to Bayer sales representatives, distributors, and current promotions.

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It Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated Just Because It’s Complicated.

Backed by bayer

We love solving complex marketing challenges with easy, efficient solutions at Cannonball. We currently serve as the lead agency for over 20 of Bayer Environmental Science’s B2B products, which are distributed across three business units. For this specialized industry, we provide strategic leadership and consulting in areas such as data analytics and insights, email marketing, and website growth.
Assuring Bayer’s B2B partners that they were “backed by Bayer”
Local pest control companies depend on Bayer products to operate their businesses effectively; by creating the My Bayer Advantage Partnership Program, Cannonball assisted them in using Bayer’s marketing muscle to promote their businesses successfully as well.

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Few businesses have had such a profound effect on people’s lives around the world as Bayer, the multinational chemical and pharmaceutical conglomerate. Bayer CropScience, like its parent company’s most well-known commodity, has been relieving turf professionals’ headaches for decades.
Brian Giblin, Bayer’s New England Region Sales Manager, explained, “We produce our own products.” “We’re market pioneers, and our products are ‘backed by Bayer’ – we stand behind any product we launch.”
“Tom Irwin and his clients have a real partnership,” Giblin said. “They assist in the development of a program for each individual client that is tailored to their personal needs as well as the needs of their environment.”
“Whether it’s how we treat turf treatment or how we approach our business partnerships, we’re both problem-solvers and we’re both looking beyond the short term,” Giblin said. That’s why it’s always been a pleasure for me to work with them.”
Bayer is a multinational company with strengths in health care, agriculture, and high-tech products. Bayer CropScience, the agricultural division of Bayer AG, is one of the world’s most groundbreaking crop science firms, specializing in seeds, crop protection, and non-agricultural pest control. Herbicides, fungicides, growth regulators, and insecticides are all part of Bayer’s Professional Solutions range, which is “backed by Bayer.”

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