Bermudan or bermudian

Bermudan or bermudian

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Bermudian options are a twist on American-style options, which allow holders to exercise their options at any time. They allow investors to purchase or sell a security or underlying asset at a predetermined price on only certain dates, as well as the option’s expiration date.
Options contracts are financial instruments that derive their value from a different underlying asset, such as debt. The buyer is given the right, but not the duty, to trade in the underlying asset at a certain price—the strike price—on or before a certain future date.
A call option is a purchase option for an underlying asset. A put option is a type of option that allows you to sell an underlying asset. The contracts may be converted to shares of the asset at the predetermined price when the option expires, a process known as exercising.

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Tom Cunliffe references the ‘bermudian’ rig in the March 2012 issue of Yachting Monthly. The term seems to be spelled ‘bermudan’ more often. The definition, as far as I can tell, comes from the use of ‘leg-of-mutton’ sails in Bermuda many years ago.
When something comes from Jamaica, we call it Jamaican rather than Jamaician. Botswanans are from Botswana, Costa Ricans are from Costa Rica, Cubans are from Cuba, Kenyans are from Kenya, and so on. (Countries with names ending in ‘…ia’ have been excluded because they muddle the issue.)
Much to do with the mast’s height and how it’s stayed than with the sail’s shape. When they first appeared, people mistook them for the brand-new Marconi aerials. Since it’s difficult to rig anything other than a Bermudan sail on a Marconi mast, the two seem to be associated.
I’m not sure where the term “Bermudian” came from, but it appears often in old sailing texts, often from the early twentieth century. Technically, “spinnaker” may also be spelled “spinaker,” and both are acceptable. I like old spellings and used to spell “show” as “shew,” despite the fact that no one could tell the difference because of my handwriting.

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b) Have lived in Bermuda for seven years after the date of marriage, with the last two years being continuous up until the date of submission. In order to calculate the remaining five years, you must do so in 12-month increments.
c) Have lived together as husband and wife for the last two years with the Bermudian spouse, or for the last six months previous to the Bermudian spouse’s death, to the date of submission.
c) Be a British Dependent Territories citizen as a result of the Governor issuing him a certificate of naturalization under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act 1914 (U.K.) or the British Nationality Act 1948 (U.K.) or the British Nationality Act 1981 (U.K.) after he has been accepted for Bermudian status.

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Originally, no one who lives in Bermuda uses the word “Bermudan” to identify themselves. Instead, the word ‘Bermudian’ is still used. As a result, the word ‘Bermudan’ should be avoided. Although the word ‘Bermudan’ is listed as the main entry in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary’s Tenth Edition, the word ‘Bermudian’ is defined as a derivative.
I’ve deleted it. The word ‘Bermudan’ is listed as the main entry in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary’s Tenth Edition, with the word ‘Bermudian’ defined as a derivative., as a debate on the entry’s contents is inappropriate within the entry itself.

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