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In Dead Rising 4, you must locate a number of secret locker keys scattered across the map in order to obtain the best combination weapon blueprints (separate from the Zom-B Safe keys that open new safe house locations).
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🤪 Pirate’s catch key

Go to the basement of every Emergency Shelter and quickly head to the Willamette Mall Emergency Shelter. Via the back doors that lead straight into the Pirate Ship’s bottom floor entrance, use the Employee’s Only hallway to get to Caribbean Cove. Loot the Treasure Chest in the first Pirate Ship bed. Treasure chests typically yield about 4,000 scrap. Then press the “Load Last Checkpoint” option while the game is paused. The Treasure Chest will have respawned when you return to the Willamette Mall Emergency Shelter. You can repeat this procedure as many times as you like. Every ten minutes, you can get around 40,000 scrap.
Every 5-8 minutes, you’ll be able to kill 1,200+ zombies using this process. To get bonus PP and scrap for meeting milestones, keep your zombie score multiplier going. Go to the church in West Ridge’s south-eastern portion. There are massive hordes of zombies in this town. A military platform with an Exo Suit is located near the stairs. Grab it, then head to the left of the stairwell for the Vacuum upgrade for the Exo Suit. While circling the church, kill as many zombies as possible. Before the power runs out, you can easily destroy 1,200 zombies. When the Exo Suit’s power runs out, get into a nearby van and drive to the bridge that connects West Ridge and Old Town. A checkpoint will be enabled as a result of this. All in the region will be reset until a checkpoint is triggered. Return to West Ridge’s church to reclaim the Exo Suit and Vacuum upgrade. You can repeat this procedure as many times as you like. The maximum level is 100.

👼 The gardeners blueprint key

Golden Apple Vineyards – Chakra Flex Yoga – Cruz Tanning Salon – Emergency Medical Services Station – Fireworks Stand – House Under Construction – Tom’s Compound (Hudson’s Dairy Farm) – Kent Farm – Mountain Ridge Estates Gated Community – Ned and Ann Teeks – Speedy Expresso – Kent Farms Fruit Stand – The submega – The Brieders – The Dojos – The Fogeys – The Gardners – The Hunters – The Jox Family – The Mekanicks – The Muzaks – The Patriots – The Prawp Family – The Quizeens – Tornado Convenience Stop – West Ridge Emergency Shelter – Willamette Hydroelectric Station – Willamette Jr. High School – Willamette Xmas Tree Lot – Big Bull’s Meat Shop – Brent’s New and Used Appliances Cameron’s Cameras – Buffy’s Laundromat – Cochrane’s Irish Pub – Roastmasters from Colombia – Dodd’s Drugs – Colossus Express Couriers Ltd. – Freytag Home Furnishing – Garrison Peace Park – Hungry Joe’s Pizza – Low Income Hotel Room – McKenzie Auto – Mr. Chef’s – Nobleman’s Barbershop – Old Town Emergency Shelter – Old Town Fire Hall – Rockpile Liquors – Tetro’s Comics & Collectibles – Tetro’s Comics & Collectibles – Tetro’s Comics & Col Vacant Offices – Willamette Bus Depot – Willamette City Hall Archives – Willamette Gazette & Historical Society – Willamette Impound and Junkyard – Willamette Taxi Co. – Willamette Xmas Tree Lot – Zheng’s Kung Fu Academy

🤙 Big buck hardware dead rising 3

Since it violates the Steam Culture & Content Guidelines, this item has been removed from the community. You are the only one that can see it. Please contact Steam Support if you think your item was accidentally deleted.
The Gameranx website provided this information. This is what I’m copying and pasting into this guide as an easier-to-find source of this knowledge in-game. Furthermore, the Steam web browser is severely flawed, leaving it vulnerable to advertisements as well as who knows what else, such as viruses, worms, or even a frozen web page. Anyway, here’s the deal:
Final Strike:
Effect: A Skill Move is automatically triggered by the last hit before breaking a melee arm.
Tetro’s Comics & Collectibles, Tetro’s Comics & Collectibles, Tetro’s Comics & Collectibles, Tetro’s Comics & Collectibles, Tetro’s Comics & Collectibles,
Evasion is a technique for avoiding detection.
Effect: Each incoming attack has a small chance of doing no damage.
Willamette Memorial Megaplex is located within the Homerunners, near the upper exit to Caribbean Cove, across the street from the White Rook security firm.
Effect of Skill Move Efficiency: Reduces the number of hits needed to execute a skill move.
Willamette Memorial Megaplex is located at the Level 3 Mall safehouse and can be purchased there.
Precision TargetingEffect: Use the [Right-stick] to shoot at particular body parts when using a ranged weapon.
Location: Old Town – Sold at the Old Town safehouse on Level 3.
Food Inventory Slot +2Effect: Increases the number of slots in the food inventory by two.
West Ridge – This item was sold at the Level 4 West Ridge safehouse.
Melee, Ranged, and Thrown Inventory SlotsEffect: Increases the inventory slots for melee, ranged, and thrown weapons by one.
West Ridge – On the second floor of the West Ridge Emergency Shelter’s monitor station.
Elemental Critical Hits (Explosive)Effect: Makes explosive-based critical hits with ranged weapons more successful. Enemies are disintegrated, and the killing zone expands. Location: North Peak – Freebirds Gun Shack’s lounge. The Presence of Inspiring Presence Effect: The health of all friendly survivors has improved. North Peak – Available for purchase at the Level 4 North Peak safehouse.

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