Big cat gif

Big cat gif

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Wisconsin did not win the West this year, as you are all aware. The Badgers did not have enough aerial support for Jonathan Taylor to defeat Northwestern or Penn State on the road without the semi-reliable Alex Hornibrook and were forced to rely on whatever the hell is Jack Coan. This paved the way for a new champion in the West. Although I am disappointed that the Badgers were unable to preserve our hegemony in the west, our new Wildcat overlords do have one major advantage: Cat Gifs!
This newcomer is what finally convinced me to go ahead with this power poll concept, and while Ohio State isn’t a newcomer, the buckeyes’ football prowess is worthy of a gif. As you can see, the main cat has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle, tumbling head first into a tub. The other cats have attempted to profit from the situation. This year, Ohio State has squirmed its way through a number of difficult circumstances, and other B1G teams have sought to exploit it. But, alas, as confident as I am that this cat can wriggle out of its current predicament, I am also confident that Ohio State can wriggle into the college football playoffs.

Carole baskin cool cats remix

Hello there, DIY creators!

Big cat shooting star

You already know what an animated GIF is if you’re reading this blog or if you’ve ever been on the internet. And if you’ve spent some time on Instagram, you’re probably aware that well-crafted GIFs can be both eye-catching and helpful to your company (whatever it is!). It’s a perfect way for me to show off my creations even further. Below is an example of a GIF I made recently to demonstrate a full website page design, which I couldn’t do with a static picture. These GIFs can be used anywhere online, but I’ll show you how to make them for Instagram in this tutorial.
Don’t worry, it’s actually very easy!
We must first create each frame of the animation; you can see an illustration of the various frames I created below (this is only 3, the complete GIF had around 50 frames). You are free to make as many as you want. When the GIF is done, it will display each frame one by one to produce an animated effect.
You can make the frames in two different ways:
Since the ideal size for Instagram is 640px x 640px, you’ll want to make your page/artboards that size. Make each frame one at a time until you’re done. For this GIF, I ended up with about 50 different frames (artboards), but you can use as few as two! Seriously, you’ve completed the most difficult part! Phase TWOIf you built your frames as separate layers in Photoshop, you can skip this step because your images are already loaded. You’ll need to export your frames as separate image files if you made them in another application (like illustrator) (eg, .png or .jpg). We must now import these into Photoshop. Select File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack from the File menu.

Big cat takes on the mac championship

Nyan Cat, arguably 2011’s most famous cat meme, has resurfaced in the news this week after a digital reproduction of the artwork was sold for 300 ether. That was worth just under $600,000 at the time of the Friday sale.
Welcome to the wild world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are one-of-a-kind digital objects that are verified on the blockchain and sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Artists are selling NFTs on sites like Rarible and Foundation, the latter of which is where Nyan Cat’s founder sold the most recent version of his famous cat.
Cryptokitties were cats on the Ethereum network, as the name suggests. The game of breeding, buying, selling, and hodling cats became so popular at one point that it slowed down the Ethereum network.
People are minting and selling all sorts of NFTs, including the “E. Honda gif” that Jay Caspian Kang, a New Yorker contributor and co-host of the CoinTalk podcast, recently sold for over $500 in ether.

Big cats like boxes too!

Domestic cat images and videos, especially image macros in the form of lolcats, are among the most popular on the internet. Cats have been dubbed the “unofficial mascot of the Internet” by ThoughtCatalog. [1] The topic has piqued the interest of a number of academics and commentators, who have attempted to explain why this type of low art has become iconic. Cat-related internet content, although it may be considered trivial, relates to how people engage with media and culture. [two] Some argue that this relatively basic content has depth and complexity, claiming that the beneficial psychological impact that pets have on their owners often apply to cat photos viewed online. [three]
According to studies, watching online cat media is associated with positive emotions, and for some users, it may even serve as a form of digital therapy or stress relief. Viewing cat material can also minimize feelings of guilt when deferring activities, according to some research findings. [number four]

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