Big forking mistake

Big forking mistake

Big forking mistake!! reaction!!! holy.

One runner should have 150-100-146 on the first and second legs, while the other should have 150-177-146. (controls 4-6 on the map below). Both runners had either 150-100-146 or 150-177-146 for some teams. Later in the leg, I had the same issue. Instead of getting one runner with 160-152-156-55 and the other with 160-198-102-55 (controls 19-22 on the map below), each team’s first and second leg runners had one of the variants.
So, how much time did this cost the affected teams? When it comes to the fifth control, it seems that the eastern one is more difficult than the western one, but we can’t be sure. Rather than speculating, I estimated the mean time for all of the splits and compared the results for the various control pairs. Note that (1) this will not give a correct answer, but it will give an indication of how much time each team has lost or gained, and (2) these are simple estimates that I’ve only double-checked for errors once.
The time gained/lost by the various teams is 3:40 if you measure by the average time. The time gained/lost is 3(!) seconds if you go by the best times. As a result, it seems who teams that make a few errors don’t win or lose anything on this. On the other hand, the total amount of time lost as a result of the worst “wrong” forking was important. The complicated control 196, where many of the top teams with GPS-tracking made major errors, appears to be the cause of the longer average time. Kalevan Rasti, for example, lost 4:17 to Halden on that control, which was more than they were behind Halden after 7 hours and 40 minutes of running. Kalevan Rasti, on the other hand, had no issues with their forking because they used the same controls as Halden. However, some teams had this tricky leverage twice, while others didn’t have it at all…

Day at the nursery!

In 1999, right after graduation, I began a coveted job at Morgan Stanley. It was the pinnacle of the technological revolution. My starting salary was $50,000, plus a small bonus that was guaranteed. (As a resident in 2012, I did the same!) My first six months were spent in London, where I was fully supported.
I was an ex-pat there, which meant I was paid my American salary but also got free accommodation (imagine a lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bath furnished apartment with marble bathtub and heated towel stand across the street from Hyde Park, next to the Grosvenor House) and a generous cash per diem. To live in London, I did not have to invest any of my real income.
Now, I don’t completely regret this decision because it allowed me to travel around Europe on weekends, taking trips to Paris, Spain, and Amsterdam. It’s priceless. Friends and family from New York City could visit me in London for less than $400 roundtrip back then.
During intern year in NYC, somebody went a little crazy. I did, however, have some fantastic clothing. I completed my residency and paid off all of my debts. Fortunately, I no longer have any credit card debt and pay off all of my cards in full each month.

Hijacking the backhoe!

Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, is not your typical capital. It’s off the beaten path for most visitors, which means you’ll find less crowds, lower costs, and a more authentic experience than other tourist traps like Dubrovnik or Trogir. You’ll be shocked to hear almost everyone speaking Croatian if you walk down the pedestrian-only Restaurant Row lane, where you’d expect to see hordes of tourists.
However, with less visitors, there are fewer attractions and events. If museums are your thing, Zagreb has a decent one, but it’s really just a very livable city that’s a lot of fun to explore. It is certain that a visit here would be low-key, relaxing, and inexpensive. For others, this is a compelling reason to travel to Zagreb. Others see it as a justification to stay away. If you’re going through anyway, it’s well worth staying here for a few nights. We sure had a good time!
Visiting a produce market is one of the best ways to get a feel for a town or city. Locals who had stalls at the fresh markets where we bought our groceries were some of our favorite people in all of the places we’ve called “home” over the last year. While you’re in town, being a regular at the market is a LOT of fun! We meet a “fruit boy,” a “veggie girl,” a “egg gal,” and a “baker” everywhere we go. When they start to remember you and welcome you with a big smile, it’s such a great feeling!

Big forking mistake!

Despite blaming himself for sowing the seeds that caused the King in Black event to occur, Spider-Man was able to escape capture and assimilation, as well as redeem his major Spider-Man: Homecoming error. Spider-fast Man’s thinking and Reptil’s selfless dedication to saving innocent civilians trapped in the crossfire help save the Staten Island Ferry and the passengers aboard with the help of former Avengers Academy student Reptil. Reptil’s admission that he was merely following Spider-example Man’s especially moved the beleaguered webslinger.
Humberto Lopez’s dream to one day become an Avenger became a reality when he was fused with a Fossilized Amulet that gave him the power to turn his body – and later his whole being – into any prehistoric dinosaur, as created by Christos N. Gage and Steven Uy. Reptil was traumatized by his time fighting in Arcade’s Murderworld or being possessed by his future self, while his time in Avengers Academy helped him to better control and understand his powers. Humberto is found flying among the symbiote-infested New York, attempting to help an elderly woman get home when he is attacked by Spider-Man, who mistook him for one of Knull’s symbiote dragons.

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