Big o xt

Big o xt

Big o bigfoot at tires – test

I’ve been considering those as well, because they come in a 245/70/R17 size and the Big O store is the nearest to my place. I haven’t used the X/T, but my previous truck was fitted with Big O Pathfinders. I was very pleased with them.
I just returned from the Big O. At $235 a pair for the 245/70/R17, they’re very proud of the X/T. They do, however, come with a 6-year unlimited mileage warranty. They were raving about them, and some workers had them mounted on their 4x4s.
At $235.00 for a tire, not including mounting and balancing, it’s a little pricey. It reminds me of places that offer you the “lifetime warranty” line of BS and then charge you 3 – 4 times what the item is worth.
Yes, the price is so high that I’m always on the lookout. For $205, they also had the Mickey Thompson ATZ in a 245/70/R17 size. Even at that price, however, the Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armors are getting better.
I’ve seen the Big O XT in person, and these stuff are going to be sick once I get them. It’s possible that the 17-inch rim is what makes them so pricey, based on your comments. But if I can get them for a fair price once I’m lifted, I’ll be all over them. That is, when the second child emerges and is capable of lifting the jeep. I just wanted to add my two cents on how these look.

Big o tires behind the wheel – winter vs all season tires

The guys at the Draper Big Ho are fantastic. A few people still use the XT and enjoy them. I’ve been running the BFG AT KO for a few years now. I’m looking for a more violent tire and the XT is one choice. Often considering the Duratrac (Goodyear), which isn’t as attractive but should do well in the snow and mud.
They didn’t wear well and had less traction than I thought, so I didn’t like them. My new Toyota A/Ts have better grip and wear characteristics than my previous tires, with the exception of deep snow. I have Toyotas on both of my trucks and enjoy them, but I will be replacing the ones on my Tacoma next month and will not be using them again due to cost. ($1,200 tax-free :O) Instead, I’ll use the following:
Large O tires are awful. Both passenger and off-road tires are available. Years ago, I had to learn the hard way. I buy BFGs, but they are from BigO. I like my local Big O dealer, but I will never buy a Big O product again.
I’m going to have to concur with the rest of the party. I have them on my tow truck, which is a big truck with a diesel engine, but I wouldn’t put them on if they were offered to me again. They have less than 10,000 miles on them and are around half-tread.

2020 merida big nine xt mountain bike – walkaround – 2019

According to what I’ve read, some people like them and others don’t. The majority of complaints I received came from full-size owners, because they seem to wear better in lighter cars. Quick wear and side wall strength are two of the most common complaints.
The old style XTs have always been a favorite of mine. They wore like iron but were soft enough for the rocks, and I would recommend them to everyone. Also in D/E loads, the sidewalls are versatile. This can be viewed in two ways: positively or negatively. The good news is that they dry quickly. On the other hand, I’ve never blown a sidewall on an XT. The old XTs have easily 70k miles on them and are still in use!
I like the new XTs on my 80 because the tread is a little softer for slickrock grip, the lugs have a larger surface area than most MTs and thus grip sand IMO much better, and the section width is consistently skinnier than anticipated. What I don’t like about them is that the tread is smoother, and I’ve already found some chunking where the old XTs had none. They’re also studdable, which is something that few tires nowadays are, and I love studs.

Amd rx 5500 xt vs. rx 5700 xt how big is the difference

Selling two 265/70r17 Bigfoot xt tires for $100.00 each. The tread pattern has been modified, so these are no longer in use. I’d be happy to buy two more from you if you have any. They are of no use to me because the big o store here can’t find two more for me. Bozeman, Montana They’re in excellent condition, with the wiskers scarcely rubbed off and at least 90% tread remaining. Are there any pre-runners or trailers with 17″ rims out there?
Hey, you’re in luck because I’m searching for this exact tire. Please answer and let me know how we can work this out. I just need one of the tires, but I’d like to have both. I’ll need to find out delivery or maybe you could meet me on the spur of the moment. half-way point I live in Utah, and I’ve had the same problem as you, except my tires are on my truck, and I failed safety checks due to a sidewall bubble. I have contacts with Big O Tires, so I may be able to work out some shipping on both, but I’ve estimated that shipping on one tire would cost about $60, if not less, based on 50 pounds of rubber. Please reply and let me know what you think. Thank you.

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