Bis in english

Bis in english

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In general, the SICAV’s claim to return the securities must be backed by collateral, the value of which must be at least equal to the total fair market value of the loaned securities at the time of signing the loan agreement and during the lending period: such collateral can be provided, for example, in the form of pledged term deposits or securities issued or guaranteed by OECD Members.
Cordula Jendritzky admits to being apprehensive about her first eye surgery. She trusts her doctor, however, and knows she can rely on the combination of cutting-edge laser technology and ultra-precise surgical instruments. The doctor explained all that would happen during the operation in a pre-surgery meeting. The treatment is painless from start to finish. Ms Jendritzky is unconcerned about how the surgeon uses cutting-edge technology to lift a thin disk from the outermost layer of her left eye’s cornea, model the underlying cornea with a cold light laser, and then cover the disc.

How to pronounce ‘bis bald ‘ (see you soon) in german

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In Mexico, street addresses are sometimes written as “Calle Guadaloupe, 76bis” rather than “Calle Guadaloupe, 76” or anything similar. This is something I believe I’ve seen in a number of other Latin American countries. “Calle Insurgentes 43 bis esquina 12c” is another popular type that comes to mind. I recall the doors being near to street corners as well.
Even within the same region, there are several different systems for addressing street addresses. Houses are numbered sequentially in certain places; if a building is then split into two or more houses (or if different entrances are to have different numbers), the house between numbers 5 and 7 will obtain the number “5 bis.”
Instead, in Argentina and other Latin American countries, blocks form a more-or-less regular grid, and street numbers are assigned from predetermined ranges. For example, on my street, the numbers on the northern sidewalk run from 1500 to 1598, while the numbers on the southern sidewalk run from 1501 to 1599. When a house requires a number, you can calculate the distance from the corner and multiply it by the corresponding offset to get its number. You won’t ever need anything like a “bis” in this situation. However, a street may be extended in the “negative” direction past its number zero. In certain towns, the street’s name is simply changed from there. Others use the letter “bis” to number the buildings, with the numbers increasing in the opposite direction as the rest of the street (much like negative numbers).

How to pronounce ‘bis später ‘ (see you later) in german

This Article applies without prejudice to any special national or Community provisions relating to the transmission of information to the ECB, other than confidential statistical information, and does not apply to confidential g bis) en assuring the cooperation of companies that provide electronic communication networks with the sectors concerned for the protection and promotion of the economy. is a website dedicated to education in Switzerland.

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Sieferle presented a razor-sharp analysis of the Jager- and Sammler societies, the agrarian Fruh- and Hochcultures, and the industrial revolution up to the Erdol- and Atomkraft era, as well as their energetic, risk-related, and societal requisites and accompanying manifestations, in a free, lovingly-detailed speech.

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In memoriamJahrhunderte und bis in die jüngste Zeit war nord- und osteuropaischer Großmachts still playing ball.

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2. The work environment

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The author collects various artifacts related to Hathor’s cult in and around Memphis from the Middle Ages to the present day, ranging from public donations to private Grabinschriften.

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‘Perfection endures,’ says Ancient Memphis. The Proceedings of the International Conference held at Macquarie University in Sydney on the 14th and 15th of August, 2008.

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