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Leeham County, 15 December 2015, (c) Leeham Co.: According to an article by LNC, a decision by Russia’s Air Bridge Cargo to purchase another 18 Boeing 747-8Fs does nothing to address Boeing’s production deficit and program viability. Bloomberg News published an article… Continue reading
Sales of commercial aircraft are slowing: Bloomberg, Reuters, and The Seattle Times all published reports about declining jet sales within a few days. The following is a link to a Bloomberg article about cargo sales. The Reuters story can be found here. This is The Seattle… Read More tit-for-tat tit-for-tat tit-for-tat tit-for Airbus and Boeing have resumed their pointless barrage of insults. However, it is enjoyable to read. Here’s what Boeing had to say about the situation. The following is an extract from a Bloomberg article that is relevant: Airbus does not “possess an… Continue reading
Today is the release of the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) report: Today, at 11 a.m. ET, the National Transportation Safety Board releases its preliminary report on the Boeing 787 JAL crash. The NTSB 787 page has been revised during the investigation. We’re on our way… Continue reading
According to Bloomberg, the Boeing 787-10 will arrive much later than other predictions.
By the end of the year, it was generally expected that Boeing Commercial would go to the Board of Directors to request an Authority to Offer (ATO) for the aircraft… Continue reading

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According to a new survey conducted by Deloitte, millennials have earned the reputation of becoming a generation of work hoppers. According to Bloomberg News, more than 64% of millennials surveyed expect to leave their current employer over the next five years, which is problematic given that this demographic will account for more than 75% of the workforce by 2025. Bloomberg provides four suggestions for maintaining this group, all of which revolve around career growth. Sixty-three percent of millennials surveyed said their leadership skills were not being established, and another 68 percent said they would remain with a company for more than five years if “young workers are actively encouraged to aim for leadership roles.”

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According to all appearances, Apple’s iPhone 5 launch was a flop. Several news outlets, including Bloomberg News and the Nikkei in Japan, are claiming that the company has reduced parts orders to its suppliers by up to 50%. This move comes after reports that Apple cut production schedules for the iPhone 5 by 30% last month, implying that the new iPhone is selling poorly – or at least below expectations based on initial order levels.
The latest data on new residential construction was released today by the US Commerce Department, and the results surprised many because they were significantly better than predicted, with September total housing starts rising to 872,000 units, up 15% from the revised August figure of 758,000. As the market recovers from a very scary bottom reached in the middle of 2009, when starts were at the lowest levels ever reported since 1959, this data clearly shows that the nightmare of the 2007 housing market crash will start to fade away.

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“For one of our portfolio companies, SATOV built a growth strategy in the retail services industry. SATOV’s strategic thinking was excellent, and it was accompanied by realistic and actionable recommendations that helped us and the business see a straightforward path to success.”
“SATOV has performed due diligence on our behalf on many occasions. They do an excellent job of keeping us up to date on opportunities and providing us with sound and objective advice on which to base our investment decisions.”
“For our organisation, the merging of the Heart and Stroke foundations across the provinces into a single national body was a significant but difficult turning point. Mark did an outstanding job of setting up the right meetings and then bringing different groups together to help us work through decisions in a systematic and relaxed manner for a diverse community of decision-makers.”
“I recruited SATOV to help us make some important strategic decisions quickly. We formed a joint team of employees from SATOV and Telus, and together we run a very effective process to meet tight deadlines. My team and I felt very strongly about the suggestions we made, and we were confident that they would increase profitability. Thank you for your assistance!”

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