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Residents of France must ensure that their investment bonds are compliant with French tax laws. The first step is to understand how the investment bond was set up—either on a “life guaranteed” basis, which includes some life insurance, or on a “cash redemption” basis, which does not include any life insurance. If it’s on a life-assured basis, the French authorities will classify it as a “assurance vie,” and we’ll look at how this commodity is taxed. The above does not apply to capital redemption bonds, since they are not called “assurance vie.”
Since it is not invested in Euros in France, an offshore investment bond will be considered a “contrats multisupports.” When you make a partial or absolute surrender, the amount of Social Security Tax is 15.5 percent of the benefit earned on your investment bond. The tax implications of any of these methods of receiving benefits from your investment bond are detailed below.
The accumulated 5% tax deferred deduction that applies to UK residents does not apply in France. Partial withdrawals, on the other hand, are charged as a percentage of the bond income. In the eyes of the French tax code, a partial withdrawal entails the investor receiving a portion of their initial investment as well as a portion of the bond’s gain.

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In his latest novel, Pierre-Olivier Lombarteix examines the relationship between Ian Fleming, his creation James Bond, and France in both the original books and subsequent films. He also looks at Bond books written by others, films and television shows that may have been influenced by James Bond, and explores the relationship of some of Bond’s predecessors with France, including John Buchan, Agatha Christie (an odd choice), William Le Queux, and Sax Rohmer, in his opening chapters.
Lombarteix’s analysis is undeniably comprehensive, showing a high level of familiarity, commitment, research, and determination. While I cannot claim to have the same level of knowledge of all aspects of Bondiana, it is impressive to see that almost every link between Fleming, Bond (and others) and France has been discovered, from entire books (Casino Royale) to small details (the use of Vent Verre, a French scent wrongly attributed by Fleming to Christian Dior, rather than Balmain, by one of the female characters)

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Eva, Sophie, Carole, and Bérénice have already snatched Bond, James Bond’s heart, and Léa will be next. Except for their extraordinary talent and capacity to enchant the greatest and sexiest man of all, what do all of these women have in common? Of course, their nationality! She is the original James Bond kid, with a slightly obscene degree of hotness. With her feisty expressions and dazzling smile, she melted Sean Connery’s and our hearts at the age of 23. Also, did you know that the film editor had to double the actress’s voice because she talked too softly during the shoot?
The weeping youth… Carole Bouquet, who is only 24, plays Melina Havelock, a young girl who wants to avenge her murdered father. It’s her first notable appearance in a film with Roger Moore by her side, and her performance will help her advance in the industry. Even, did you know that, despite the film’s critical acclaim, its development went awry, ostensibly “boring” the actress?

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With over €311 billion in outstanding bonds at year’s end, the French covered bond sector placed second globally in 2019. In 2019, benchmark covered bond issuance totaled €26 billion, making France the second-largest issuer of covered bonds in Europe, accounting for 20% of all issuance (23 percent ). There are currently 18 covered bond schemes in France, issued by 16 different banks. Residential loans (mortgage and guaranteed) and, to a lesser degree, public sector exposures are the most common forms of collateral backing covered bond programs. Covered bonds are a primary funding source for French banks, as shown by their large outstanding amounts and consistent issuance flow. Charts 1 and 2
In 2020, regulatory requirements, especially those pertaining to liability structures under the EU Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD; MREL requirements), which push French banks to use senior preferred instruments more frequently to reduce funding costs, potentially reducing covered bond issuance.
On the other hand, the €24 billion redemption, up from €18 billion in 2019, is expected to keep French covered bond issuance going.

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