Boss makes a dollar

Boss makes a dollar

Boss makes a dollar, i make a dime. that’s why i poop on

Paul informed me that he had decided to resign from his position. He enjoyed his work, his coworkers, and was proud of what he accomplished. Paul was having so much fun at work that he was devoting all of his time and resources to it.
So, why did he make the decision to leave? To begin with, he felt he wasn’t being adequately compensated for his efforts. His pay was not commensurate with his efforts. His power was also minimal. He was also upset because he knew that, in the grand scheme of things, he didn’t make much of a difference to the business. He realized that no matter how dedicated someone is, they can be replaced.
Instead, I advised him not to devote his time and resources to the business outside of working hours. In his spare time, he could work for himself. “The boss makes a dollar, I make a dime,” I said, “which is why I work for myself in my spare time.”
From a business standpoint, it would be fantastic if all workers wanted to devote their free time to the company at all times. However, from the viewpoint of the employees, this isn’t fair, and it’s impossible that businesses can compensate any of these hard workers fairly.

Boss makes a dollar i make a dime, that’s why i poop on

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Boss makes a dollar, i make a dime, that’s why i poop on

The online rhyming couplet Boss Makes a Dollar, I Make a Dime usually ends with “That’s why I poop on company time.” The couplet has also been used as a snowclone, with “poop” replaced with a different behavior that a worker could engage in while on the job to avoid their responsibilities.
Over the next few years, the phrase became increasingly popular, particularly when combined with a GIF of Sesame Street’s Elmo on the toilet. On January 30th, 2016, user clisis made such a post on Imgur (shown below, left). On March 12th, 2016, Reddit user Gryff the Ginger posted a GIF version of the meme to /r/funny, earning over 2,400 points (shown below, right).

The people’s bard – why i poop on company time

Until it is freely posted, the number of followers is not public knowledge. So, rather than a celebrity who is unreachable, ‘popular’ users seem to be down to earth fellow human beings with good content who genuinely interact with their audience.
TIL of Patient S.M, a woman who lacks an amygdala, the portion of the brain responsible for terror. She is unable to experience fear or read negative social signals as a result, and she has no concept of personal space. The only time she’s ever been scared was during a suffocation test.via
For anyone who thinks something is messed up, SM agreed to get her fear immunity (along with other neurodivergence-like symptoms) examined. Of course, scientists were quick to react. They began with horror movies (which she liked but did not find frightening) and other frightening experiences in a safe setting. They also put her to the test in terms of her ability to experience other feelings and react to other movie scenes. The suffocation simulation involved injecting CO2 into her bloodstream in a controlled manner. A nuerotypical control group was also included. The surprising thing is that she was more terrified than they were, owing to the fact that the control group was able to manage their anxiety by reminding themselves that they weren’t in any real danger. However, when it comes to terror, she is unable to process background clues. This was in 1994, so there was an ethics board involved, and it gave us a lot of information about the psychological essence of fear and the function of the amygdala. She’s even been on the verge of being killed on many occasions. This is one of the safest things that has ever happened to her.

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