Selection of the best both? both is good

Selection of the best both? both is good

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The latest craze is Cyberdex Sandbox, but I’m a major Nisei Mk 2 fan, so playing both is a fair enough reason to choose GFI over Obokata. This may be incorrect. What are the chances? But I’m winning a lot.
I’m not sure. I like how this deck has a lot of cheap taxes, and the ID is often used to rush early or avoid stuff like Doof or Apoc rather than cheese remote stuff and BC. The sentinels are the only ones that cost more than 3 to rez, and they all tax.
You give up Border Controls with AgInf so you can play better ice and get a similar effect from your ID skill. Dropping the entire Data Loop + Obokata plan and replacing it with three GFI seems like a brilliant follow-up on that idea to me. That way, you can sacrifice one more remote scoring attempt, similar to a Border Control run where you didn’t even have to trash your ice.
I believe Surveyor is a busted card in general, but it is particularly poor early on centrals and is frequently targeted by Boomerang. I went down to 2 so I could use it as a win condition for the remote server after the rush phase of the game was over, and it’s worked out well for me.

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However, the Working Group on Market and Institutional Resilience believes that such work should supplement rather than replace reflections and relevant policy responses in the EU and the US.
Fluency in one of the OTIF working languages, a very good knowledge of English, and a simple knowledge of the third OTIF working language is sufficient for applicants whose first language is not German, English, or French; ability to prepare drafts quickly and correctly in one of the working languages and knowledge of English or French is sufficient for applicants whose first language is not German, English, or French.
Looks forward to the Commission’s proposal for a Directive establishing quality and safety requirements for organ donation, procurement, testing, preservation, transport, and allocation across the EU, as well as the resources required to meet those requirements; however, emphasizes that the upcoming legislative framework should not add to Member States’ or service providers’ administrative burdens;

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Should Turkey join the European Union? On this subject, which touches on the Union’s identity as a whole, Europeans are divided. One of the most vocal skeptics is Germany. Ruprecht Polenz, a foreign policy consultant for the CDU, disagrees. He insists that Turkey is deserving of full membership. This will favor both sides, assuming that Ankara meets the stringent accession requirements.
Membership will send a strong message to Turks in the EU (as well as other Muslim countries) that the European view of the rule of law, human rights, and democracy is completely consistent with Islamic principles. Europe favors the concept of cooperation to the concept of a “clash of civilizations.” In terms of geostrategic importance, Turkish membership will obviously benefit the EU.
Ruprecht Polenz criticizes the notion of offering Turkey a privileged relationship rather than membership, and he convincingly refutes the claims of those who oppose Turkish accession.

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This is, in my opinion, the only way to use commas. Are there any actual rules in American or English about this, and if so, could you please include any reliable paper sources that I could use in my argument?
In the way that you say, there are no “real laws.” Punctuation is a personal preference. Both and form a correlative conjunction in your examples, similar to either, or, and neither, nor. Style manuals such as The Chicago Manual of Style advise against using commas to connect two components of a compound phrase (in this case, a compound subject). Since the two parts of the conjunction form a single body, I believe we can conclude that they should not be divided by punctuation.
You’ve told your reader to use a different parse in which the subject Both (which means “both parties”) is followed by the compound appositive “A and B,” which renames the two parties. I imagine this will surprise readers who expect both and to form a conjunction.

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