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On the fleet, the bounty contract week quests begin. To begin, you go to the usual event announcement locations. The search takes you to the Cartel deck on the fleet after a short cinematic (North for Republic, south for Sith). This is also the camp of the Bounty Broker Association. Once a month, there is a bounty contract week.
The bounty quests are available on a daily basis.
You can only do them once per character per day.
It takes about 30 minutes to complete each search.
At level 15 and up, you can take the Bounty contract quests; just make sure you choose the right planet.
Naturally, the higher the planet’s level, the less people you’ll have to contend with for quest NPC spawns.
High-level characters cannot participate in starter planet henchman quests.
Regardless of the interrogation tool you choose, make sure you purchase four products.
These products can be purchased from the droid vendors near the quest terminal or the quest giver on each planet.
You’ll also be given a quest object to interrogate with, but its success rate is much lower.

✍ Bounty contract warzone

If you skipped the first Bounty Contract Week for Star Wars: The Old Republic, don’t worry: it’s coming your way again today. I didn’t talk much about this event when it first came out because I was too preoccupied with the free-to-play experiment, and to be honest, I thought it was pretty straightforward fun that didn’t need much clarification. That was before I actually participated in the Bounty Contract event for a week. The latest content pleasantly shocked me in terms of how much I enjoyed it.
The Bounty Brokers Association is the central theme for this SWTOR case. This BioWare-created company is overwhelmed by the number of contracts it wants completed and is willing to pay anyone to complete the bounties. (To be honest, that’s not all that dissimilar from a standard bounty deal, so let’s go with it.) Per character level 15 or higher, participants can complete one standard contract and one kingpin contract per day. Players chase down eight different henchmen and eight different kingpins on one of eight planets (two Republic-only planets, two Empire-only planets, and four joint planets). Credits, experience, prestige, accomplishments, and titles are all earned by players.

😀 Swtor completed bounty contract

Bounty Contract Week is a yearly occurrence organized by the Bounty Brokers Association and held on planets all over the galaxy. It is intended for characters with a rating of 15 or higher. Participating in the case improves a player’s Bounty Brokers Association credibility. Every month, the event lasts for one week. The first event took place on August 13, 2013.
The Bounty Brokers Association (BBA) posts a list of contracts in the Cartel Bazaar section of the Fleet once every Galactic Standard Month. Each contract details the terms of a bounty that has been placed on one of the galaxy’s many worlds, including the contact information for the client who placed the bounty as well as a list of underworld contacts in the sector who may be convinced to help you in your quest. Members of crime syndicates, criminal gangs, and other law-breaking organizations are among the targets. Only Kingpin Contracts, which are assigned to experts with an established track record with the BBA, can be used to chase high-profile targets known as “Kingpins.”

🌱 Swtor bounty brokers association

To begin, go to the Bounty Contract Terminal in the Cartel Bazaar area of Fleet and pick up your Bounty Contract quest. Each character can only complete one Henchman contract per day. There are six planet missions available to each faction (four shared and two faction-specific):
Depending on the target world, each Bounty Contract has a minimum level requirement. As a result, only the starter world and capital world contracts are open to you at level 15 (the entry level for the event).
It’s worth noting that your character doesn’t need a personal starship to participate in the event: if you’re level 15 and don’t have one, you can use the Interfleet Transport shuttles to get to your faction’s first two contract planets.
After that, you must question Shady Character NPCs in order to obtain five pieces of Underworld Information. The mechanic is similar to the Imperial quest in the Black Hole to search for potential spies, in that you scan the NPC with an Investigation Probe (quest object, 15 second cooldown), which applies a debuff to the NPC that prohibits anyone else from investigating them. The Shady Character can either give you details, refuse to speak, or become aggressive and assault you with three additional mobs of your character’s rank. The NPC despawns after this interaction, and another NPC will respawn in its place a short time later.

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