Bridge protocol ico

Bridge protocol ico

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The aim of the Boson Protocol is to create a decentralized commerce ecosystem by funding and accelerating the creation of a stack of specialist applications that will disrupt, unbundle, and democratize commerce.
Boson is a Metaverse-to-physical-world commerce interface that allows users to:— A commitment to buy and sell is expressed by NFT commitment tokens as a futures contract for a Thing. — A particular Thing token can be used to buy each form of NFT commitment token. — Anybody can join the Boson Protocol community for instant dCommerce capabilities.
A particular Thing token, which follows the ERC-20 standard, can be used to purchase each form of commitment token. Thing tokens link to DeFi infrastructure, allowing for the development of liquid digital markets for any Thing.
Unicorn creator in the field of technology
As global MD, he expanded Priority Pass Community from a $50 million revenue digital voucher marketplace to a $1 billion revenue digital voucher marketplace in record time.
Consultant for blockchain strategy
Researcher of digital business models
MSc Digital Money, MSc Breakthrough

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The ProjectICO team developed the Bridge Protocol to fix problems they faced when interacting with multiple ICOs. After seeing the difficulties and costs that ICO founders were experiencing, it became clear that a solution to reduce these costs and design processes that support blockchain startups was needed. ProjectICO automation tools have shaped many areas of system design through collecting and analyzing business intelligence.
The identity management framework uses a blockchain, and NEO was chosen for its current functionality and future growth opportunities for using the identities found therein. Until now, centralized verifiers and data protection providers have not been able to properly secure the data of their users. High-assurance certification, lower transactional costs, and data portability are all characteristics of the Bridge Protocol.
Bridge will run its own private blockchain for transactions involving the Bridge IAM token, which will be used to pay for network and microservice transaction costs. The NEP-5 norm is preceded by IAM tokens.

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Almost any utility token, protection token, cryptocurrency, synthetic, crypto portfolio, or DeFi solution can be used to build compliant derivative products quickly and easily.

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Credit Linked Notes (CLNs), trackers / synthetics, derivatives, discretionary portfolios, static investments, and structured loans are among the structured crypto items that can now be generated in a compliant manner.

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Investable, bankable, fungible, and open to the entire regulated finance sector, all digital assets would be investable, bankable, and fungible.
In order to minimize costs and improve performance in global markets, our ecosystem streamlines issuance, validation, and clearance while incorporating a progressive regulatory and adaptive compliance process.
Regulatory Compliance Layer for Cross-Border Transactions
The smart contract dynamically writes the laws of several foreign jurisdictions into machine logic. At all times, all network activities will be pre-authorized and immediately compliant. Oracles serving as Evidence of Authority nodes confirm regulatory amendments. Data Governance & Privacy LayerAll data collected, stored, and disseminated is GDPR and MiFID II compliant, maintaining user privacy while also ensuring transaction transparency. Role-based access controls (RBAC) and zero-knowledge proofing ensure that users have total control of their data at all times. Layer of Transactions and Workflow Back-office processing, document creation, regulatory submissions, and transactions are all fully automated. By collecting key information and delivering fully compliant documents in a fraction of the time and expense of current processes, vastly improved workflow patterns and even automation of prospectus output were achieved.

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Concerning the Bridge Protocol The Bridge Protocol is a decentralized network of trustworthy machines and users that promotes attitudes, norms, and compliance mechanisms in order to provide real-world value and application. Users may use the framework to deploy business processes that are consistent with applicable requirements and regulations. Our private blockchain will ensure safe asset delivery, with the aim of ensuring trusted smart contract execution, which will eventually be backed by real-world regulatory enforcement in the country where they occur. The system will be made up of trusted virtual machines that will allow users to access enterprise-grade business functions. The Bridge Protocol Corporation will begin issuing digital identities in order to allow individuals and businesses to interact safely and openly while also establishing large-scale real-world trust networks. To foster a trusted and secure base for the Protocol, early identities will be issued and handled centrally by the organization. This management system will allow self-sovereign identities to be recognized and controlled for greater adaptability and flexibility. The Protocol’s first service is Tier flagging of these identities, which, when combined with Bridge Protocol Corporation contract logic, would enable an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to provide auditable KnowYourCustomer (KYC) details to ensure regulatory compliance.

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