Bryan micon poker reviews

Bryan micon poker reviews

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Bryan Micon was minding his own business when ten armed Nevada Gaming Commission agents barged into his house, brandished weapons, and dragged him out half-naked. It sounds more like a drug dealer is being treated than someone running a Bitcoin poker site.
Micon was understandably irritated by the disproportionate use of police force used to apprehend him – even while his wife and young daughter looked on. Before the door was kicked down, the Nevada Gaming Commission must have received news that Micon had a butter knife on him.
The owner of Seals With Clubs recently reminisced about his dreadful experience in a YouTube video posted shortly after the heinous raid. And there’s more bad news: he’ll have to close Seals With Clubs due to yet another security issue in the venue.
Despite its growth, SWC has had its share of security issues, including a hack in 2013 that resulted in the compromise of 42,000 passwords. Micon didn’t have many specifics about the latest problem, but said it was enough to persuade his partners to leave the business. Micon, on the other hand, isn’t going down without a fight. He’s also ready to relocate his family to Antigua for a “extended break” when running SWC 2.0.

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Bryan Micon is a well-known poker player based in Las Vegas, Nevada. In his career, he won more than USD 527,337.00 from poker events alone. Cash games are not included. His most recent tournament was on October 17, 2016, when he placed fifth in the $ 125 + 15 No Limit Hold’em event at the Wynn Casino Recurring Tournaments in Las Vegas. Bryan Micon has participated in over 45 public tournaments. He is the 2164th best poker player in the United States and the 4128th best all-time money winner. His most significant achievement was winning over USD 123,699.00 in a single live tournament. Do you want to compete against Bryan Micon? Here you can find a list of the live tournaments he participates in, as well as play poker against him on one of the mentioned online poker platforms.

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Following the announcement earlier this week that wanted poker pro Bryan Micon had returned to Las Vegas to face charges stemming from his operation of the Bitcoin poker site “Seals with Clubs” from the United States, it has now been revealed that the 36-year-old has agreed to plead guilty in an effort to reach an agreement with prosecutors.
Micon’s Las Vegas home was searched by the Nevada Gaming Commission in February, and his hardware was seized. Micon then packed his belongings and moved to Antigua, prompting authorities to issue a warrant for his arrest.
Micon’s charges, which include “operating an unlicensed interactive gaming device,” are the first of their kind. According to court documents, he ran Seals with Clubs and took Bitcoins “without first procuring and thereafter keeping in practice the required licenses.”
Micon’s charge will be reduced to a “gross misdemeanor” if he completes probation, which the judge has not yet decided or agreed to, and pays a $25,000 fine. A maximum sentence of ten years in prison and a $50,000 fine was imposed.

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Bryan Micon, the founder of SWC, was sentenced to probation and fined $25,000.

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For running an unlicensed poker site in Nevada, Bryan Micon received a sentence of up to two years probation and a $25,000 fine.
Seals With Clubs is a groundbreaking poker platform that uses the blockchain Bitcoin to handle all financial transactions. In February, Nevada authorities searched Micon’s Las Vegas home and seized a number of computers that appeared to contain evidence relating to the activity of Seals With Clubs.
Micon changed his mind and returned to Nevada over the summer to plead guilty, which did not go over well. Yesterday, District Court Judge Kerry Earley admitted the plea and levied the fine and probationary sentences.
Micon was facing ten years in prison and $50,000 in fines, and he could also face jail time if he broke his probation terms. Micon is reportedly working at a drone store in Las Vegas, according to the Associated Press. He is reportedly looking for work in a different industry in Antigua, where he will return after serving his probation term.

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