Bull of the north

Bull of the north

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Kaneko, an elderly hunter from the Whistling Plains Elk tribe, left his tribe in RY 757 in the dead of winter to pursue an honorable death. Instead, he Exalted in the wilderness. 1st [two] Kaneko evaded the Wyld Hunt and was able to unite several tribes behind his desire to establish an empire because the icewalkers had never been corrupted by the Immaculate Order and therefore had no innate fear of Anathema. Before turning their attention to the Scavenger Lands, he and Zenith Caste Samea of the Blackwater Mammoth Tribe effectively captured several small Northern states. [three]
In RY 761, the Bull’s army marched east against the Linowan, Roka-Jin, and Talinin tribes, now having some outcaste Dragon-Blooded recruits. The Linowan appealed to the Realm for assistance, and House Tepet’s legions replied. The icewalkers struggled at first, but the Scarlet Empress’s absence and the release of more Solar Exalted into Existence wreaked havoc on the Realm powers and brought more powerful Solars to the Bull’s hand. When two desperate Sidereal Exalted proclaimed their allegiance to the Bull in Fallen Lapis, they exterminated the entire population of the city; Kaneko killed one of them in revenge. [4] Finally, in RY 764, Kaneko’s army thoroughly defeated the fleeing Tepet forces at the Battle of Futile Blood. (5) [number four]

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Yurgen Kaneko, the general known as “the Bull of the North,” was once an Icewalker barbarian. Yurgen, who was already old before his Exaltation, deserted his tribe to die on the ice, as was the ancient custom among his people. Yurgen was Exalted by the Unconquered Sun and offered a glimpse of a united Creation while fighting for his life and trying to lose it. He returned to his people and led them against the North in a conquest war.
When he met Samea of the Blackwater Mammoth Tribe, a Zenith Caste sorceress, his vision of a unified barbarian nation grew even bigger, and he dreamed of conquering the entire world. Many small nations have pledged their allegiance to the mighty general, and throughout his decade of Exaltation, he has built an empire that spans more land than any other in the world, except the Realm. At the Battle of Futile Blood five years ago, he fractured the House Tepet legions, leaving him with no true competition in the race for power.
Yurgen has preferred to consolidate power and destroy possible rivals on his own borders first, rather than risk spreading his powers too thin. Everyone knows, however, that the Bull’s next push for more territories is not far off…

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Campaigns in the Northwest have a lot of promise. However, the Bull of the North, as depicted, will certainly play a dominant role in that area, as he has vast armies, a Solar Circle sorcerer in his midst, and he recently defeated the Realm.
But let’s not go back in time for this. He still destroyed the Tepet Legions, and everyone in the area is concerned about what will happen next. However, as the PCs approach his heartland, they find that the Icewalker tribes are no longer as well-organized as they should be. Finally, they discovered that he, along with the majority of his circle, had disappeared (although there is still a Night Caste hiding out there who has no idea what happened but is very suspicious about it all).
As a result, make up theories about what might have happened to them. This shouldn’t just be about an Elite Strike Force(TM) of Sidereal Martial Artists(TM) annihilating them; it should be a genuine mystery that the PCs will slowly unravel and that can be the seed of multiple adventures as the PCs establish their own power base in the area.

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Sitting Bull (Lakota: Tatáka yotake [txatxka i.jtak];[3] c. 1831 – December 15, 1890) was a Lakota chief who lived from 1831 to 1890.

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[4] was a Hunkpapa Lakota chief who led his people in defiance of US government policies for many years. On the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, he was killed by Indian agency police during an attempt to apprehend him at a time when authorities suspected he would join the Ghost Dance movement. (5)
Sitting Bull had a vision of many troops, “as dense as grasshoppers,” dropping upside down into the Lakota camp before the Battle of the Little Bighorn, which his people took as a foreshadowing of a major victory in which many soldiers would be killed.
[number six] On June 25, 1876, the Northern Cheyenne and the confederated Lakota tribes defeated the 7th Cavalry under Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer, annihilating Custer’s battalion and appearing to confirm Sitting Bull’s prophecy. Sitting Bull’s leadership led to a huge victory for his people. The US government responded by sending thousands more troops to the city, forcing many Lakota to surrender over the next year. Sitting Bull refused to surrender and led his band north to Wood Mountain in the North-Western Territory in May 1877. (now Saskatchewan). He stayed there until 1881, when he and the majority of his band returned to American territory and surrendered to American forces.

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