Bullrun season 3

Bullrun season 3

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Bullrun is an American reality television series focused on the same-named trans-American road rally. In the televised edition, 12 teams participate in an 18-day road rally covering 4,000 miles (6,400 kilometers) for the grand prize of US$200,000. Bullrun follows a 12-car rally format that has been updated.
Each team chooses whether to go “My Way” or “The Highway” to start the day (both of these terms explained below under “Routes”). The first leg requires the teams to hit a checkpoint in the quickest time possible. If a team is spotted speeding, they will be penalized for five minutes.
Following the completion of the first leg of the race, the fastest teams choose a lower pair of teams to compete head-to-head in a challenge, with the winning team gaining the faster time of the first leg between the two.

Bullrun tv show s03e01

The third season of Speed TV’s hit reality show Bullrun is scheduled to premiere on February 18th, generating a lot of excitement. The automotive gauntlet is expected to enthrall audiences once more as 12 teams battle across America for a chance to win the grand prize of $200,000.
I’ve been conducting interviews with some of the participating teams from Bullrun’s third season over the last few weeks. This time around, I had the privilege of speaking with Team BMW, the rally’s only brother sister team. Team BMW, which included driver Jason Arias and co-driver Kristina Arias, played in Bullrun with their BMW 335i.
-Jason: Obviously, we wanted to make BMW fans happy. But it’s difficult to predict what they’ll think of us and our results because it’s easy to say things like “I should have done that better.” or “My BMW is more vicious.” when you’re at home watching. All I know is that we gave it our all and let it hang out!
-Jason: I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. When you think about it, we were at a significant disadvantage because we only had about 8 years of driving experience between the two of us. The other teams were more seasoned and older. I’m not even referring to track or rally experience; I’m referring to actual driving time.

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The ultimate mind-machine challenge, pitting twelve teams of two people against each other over 4,000 miles of grueling terrain. Drivers are in control of their own vehicles and must use every trick up their sleeves, form alliances, and maneuver accurately in order to arrive at regular checkpoints first, or face a life-threatening danger. Just one Bullrun champion can be crowned.
Corona to the Mojave Airplane Graveyard 3×01
The twelve teams gather at West Coast Customs in Corona, California, to size up their machines quickly before hitting the road. 3×02 Night Leg (Mar. 18, 2010) The teams are taken aback when they learn that the second leg will take them to the Eagle Army Base in Firebaugh, California, at night. Eagle Field to the Sacremento Rail Yard, March 25, 2010 3×03 The Bullrunners begin the third leg only to discover that all of the maps have been stolen overnight. 4th of March, 2010 3×04 TBA In the Challenge, one team persuades the local police to escort them out of town, while the other three compete on a burning dirt track. 11th of March, 2010 3×05 TBAI It’s the rally’s longest leg, passing through the scorching Nevada desert. 18th of March, 2010 3×06 TBAT One team stops at a drive-thru for hamburgers, assuming they have time to spare; another team is eliminated. TBA [add summary] 25 Mar 2010 3×07 TBA 3×08 Oregon to California, April 1, 2010 A forest fire causes the teams to take a detour; during the downtime, one team plays mind games on the other. 3×08 Sonoma Dunes to Shasta, April 15, 2010 [insert summary] 3×08 TBA[add summary] Apr. 22, 2010« previous1next » Apr. 29, 2010« previous1next »

Bullrun: season 3

It’s a reality show on Speed Channel, for those who don’t know. It’s a 12-team road rally. The two teams with the lowest time at the end of each day’s driving are entered into a driving challenge event. The quickest team chooses one of the remaining teams to participate in the challenge (good way to make an enemy). The three teams compete, with the losing team being disqualified from the competition.
We mainly observe the driving legs, laugh at some of the passengers, and discuss their automobiles. We’ll pause the show until they hit the driving leg and make our predictions on who will participate. When we know, we’ll address who will win the challenge based on the essence of the challenge, the types of cars involved, and the abilities of the participants.
In the challenges, I found that everyone but Hemi Cuda is a terrible driver. The Mustang fans were pathetic, and the Mini fans were even worse. The Mini should have easily won the competition, but what did they do? In the previous challenge, the BMW failed when strutting its stuff; here’s a hint: When driving a BMW on a dirt track, press the DTC button, which allows for a 35-degree drift angle until the ESP catches the vehicle.

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