Butt of every joke

Butt of every joke

Meaning of “butt of a joke” – superduper english

What does the word “butt of (all) jokes” mean? I’m curious if ‘jokes’ are being personified here (as per the term’s origin) with ‘ass’ being used because it isn’t the most exalted part of the body, or if ‘butt’ was meant more as a ‘base’ for all jokes? (I’m moving toward the second option.)
A mound or other erection on which the target is set up for archery practice; properly, a mark for archery practice. As a result, in modern times, a mound or embankment is used in front of which targets for artillery, musketry, or rifle practice are mounted.
I did some research to find print sources. I discovered butt of the joke in 1775, but it was just as likely to be a butt of the jest until the mid-1800s. Prior to this comparison, it appears that one may be the figurative butt of numerous slings and arrows dating back to the early 1600s, according to Etymonline.
Here’s a 1775 reference from Sir Edward Barry’s Observations, Historical, Critical, and Medical, on the Wines of the Ancients, explaining the rank of ancient Roman slaves in relation to guest rank:

Ismo: ass is the most complicated word in the english

Tory high command insists that their leader is unconcerned about the film because he knows he’ll look much shallower if he complains about being the punchline to a joke, even if it’s a poor one.

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THE DAILY’S VOICE Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Si And she was taken aback when she was made fun of for her relationship with England football manager Sven Goran Eriksson. Ulrika has a hairy situation on her hands. Some Indians believe they are the punchline to a joke. India is one of the few countries that takes the pageants seriously (Jerry Springer hosted Miss World, which was not even televised in the U.S.). Backlash Against Beauty Following Interscape’s first show, Cunningham and Rauschenberg chatted on stage like a pair of veteran vaudevillians, chuckling at their own stories or deadpan when they were the punchline. CUNNINGHAM DANCE COMPANY MERCE “The three members of your party are most (and least) likely to initiate jokes about other people?” was one of the questions. “Which members of your group are most (and least) likely to be the brunt of a joke at work?” and “Which members of your group are most (and least) likely to be the brunt of a joke at work?” Making a beginner the brunt of a joke, on the other hand, is considered impolite—at least until he or she has established a rapport with the community. This isn’t a joke: In the office, there are a variety of laughter trends.

Harvey weinstein was the butt of hollywood jokes for decades

I do make a good goal, though, because I’m a bit ditzy, slow, and lack the wit to react to jokes aimed at me. As you might have guessed, the party clown. I’m pretty sure you all understand what I’m talking about 🙂 I often don’t say much in group discussions, preferring to let the rest of the group do the talking. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not afraid to speak; this isn’t about self-assurance. Since I can’t “govern” the conversation as well as others, the jokes seem to be more directed at me. Finally, because I’m Asian, I’m subjected to the usual racist “token” banter. lmao
This doesn’t concern me all that much, but I’m not going to spend the rest of my life being trampled by someone else. Also, have you ever found that the alpha(s) (fe)male(s) in the party [aka the leader] usually don’t get any of this nonsense? They manage to transform the few jokes that are thrown at them against the guy who pitched the joke, and they do so with style. I’m curious as to how they do it.
2. Well, everybody is going to be made fun of at one point or another. What do I say: “Enough with the nonsense. Remove it! “in a pleasant manner? The key word here is “friendly.” Being violent, for example, leads to profanity, which alienates people. So, how do you go about doing it?

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I was working for a well-known advertising agency on a project. I brought the normal 50 options for 1 hero shot because the hero shot needed a handbag. My assistant went out to get more choices because the creative director didn’t like the ones I had. The creative director told me that I reminded him of a friend while we were waiting. A young lady. He also called her The Butt. Then he began to refer to me as The Butt. My assistant returned with more choices, but the creative director rejected them as well, so I sent my assistant out to look for more handbags. As we awaited the return of the handbag choices, the creative director proceeded to refer to me as The Butt and made even more lewd remarks. With his handbag request, everyone could see he was nuts, but his lewd actions seemed to be reserved for only me. Normally, I wouldn’t approach a producer about a difficult CD, but his lewd actions went too far. My producer was told. We ended up shooting one of the handbags from my original choices after she got the shoot going. My producer told me a few weeks later that the creative director had been fired. I’m not sure if my producer had anything to do with it, but she made me feel like a hero on that particular day. FILL IN THE FORM BELOW TO SUBMIT YOUR STORY.

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