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hi I sent two payments of $410 to a guy I was going to co-release a record with in March and April, but the record isn’t going to happen, and I know for a fact that he has ripped off some other people. How can I reclaim my funds? many thanks Kathryn
You only have 45 days from the time the payment was sent to open a dispute on the transaction and attempt to get your money back if it was sent via the PayPal website. You won’t be able to open a dispute on the transaction if the 45-day period has expired.
The next thing I need to tell you is that our Buyer Protection Policy does not cover personal/gift transactions. We only recommend that you choose the correct choices when making a payment through your account if you are buying products or services. Since the payment was received as a Personal payment, we would not be able to examine it even though you tried to open a dispute within 45 days of when it was sent.
My best advice to you is to contact the local police department and have them look into it further on your behalf. If your police need it, they can contact PayPal directly to obtain any information they need to aid their investigations.

🌏 Can you retract paypal gift

Several monetary donations of exactly one US dollar have been sent to me through PayPal in the last few days. I also obtain a notice from PayPal a few hours after the donation is made, stating that they are “investigating a payment reversal” because “an illegal account activity charge was recently filed” against the transaction.
I have to assume this is a work-related scam, but I’m not sure what attack vector they’re using. I’ve clicked no links in any of the emails, and manually logging into PayPal via their https address shows these transactions in my history.
My PayPal account is not linked to my bank account, but it is linked to a credit card. There haven’t been any unusual outgoing transactions; it’s only been a single dollar coming in and then being reversed.
Update 2: After receiving these emails, I contacted PayPal, and they decided that something wasn’t quite right. They advised me to change my password (which I did, as I previously stated), and they immediately closed the suspicious transactions. However, I’ve received two or three more of these “donations” since I took that decision (though I have yet to see them be disputed). It’s worth noting that the person who submits the donation is ultimately responsible for the PayPal fee (so, for a $1 donation, I end up with less than $1). To say the least, this is an odd case…

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Hello there, “Gift” or “personal” payments are meant to be transfers of funds between family members or friends. As a result, there is no processing fee when paying with a bank or PayPal account balance. However, since this is a “personal” charge, there is no Buyer or Seller Protection Policy since no products or services were exchanged.
I was required to pay a payment fee of £3.50. I’m aware that sending the money as a ‘gift’ provides no security. But surely, with all of the emails I’ve received from the seller stating that if I send the money as a gift, I’ll get the item, there’s something I can do? Is it possible that PayPal has the person’s information?
After reading the above, I’m intrigued as to how I recently had a woman buy three items from me (not on ebay) and she requested to give them as a gift, waiving her right to privacy in order to save the money I will pay as a fee and have the price of her items reduced. I gave her three items. She returned one item 16 days later after packing it in her suitcase and mailing it back without the original packaging (it was brand new when I sent it, still in its plastic with tags) and it was lost when I got it. She filed a claim with PayPal, and the full sum (for the three items) has been kept in my account. Please explain how this would happen when money was given as a gift. Where is my safety net here?

❤ Can you get a refund on paypal gift

With 218 million active customer accounts and 17 million active merchant accounts, PayPal is one of the most popular online digital payment platforms. Customers like it because of its two-layer authentication, and merchants like it because of its ease of use and low transaction costs.
Unhappy customers will request that a PayPal transaction be reversed. They can do so by contacting their credit card company or bank, or by filing a PayPal dispute or chargeback. Any of these options could result in significant losses for the merchant in terms of time, product, sales, and credibility. It’s crucial for merchants to understand how PayPal refunds operate so they can prepare ahead and reduce their risks.
Customers usually have four choices when it comes to requesting a PayPal refund. Each choice differs slightly in terms of time frames and who is responsible for resolving the conflict. The method taken would be determined by how the initial purchase was paid for.

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