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To win prizes on The Maury Povich Show, the boys mask Butters as a mutant. When Butters’ reward is a round of putt-putt golf, they become enraged, and Cartman appears on the show as an out-of-control adolescent. Butters is taken hostage by the mutant freaks who make a living by appearing on TV talk shows.
South Park’s Freak Strike is a fairly amusing episode.
It includes one of my favorite Cartman quotes, “Whatevah, I do whatever I want.”
The lads note that the Maury Povich show offers prizes.
The theme is “freaks,” so they put a fake collection of testicles on Butter’s chin and force him to act like one so he can win a prize.
Butters will be able to visit the world’s biggest putt-putt golf course, but the boys will be unable to attend. The next theme on Maury is out-of-control teenagers, so Cartman dresses up as one in the hopes of winning a prize (this is a very hilarious scene). Meanwhile, the other freaks are demonstrating that they are underpaid. This is a decent episode with a hilarious scene and one of my favorite Cartman quotes.

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The eighth episode of the tenth season of the American animated television series South Park is titled “Make Love, Not Warcraft.” It premiered on Comedy Central in the United States on October 4, 2006, as the 147th episode overall. Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny enjoy playing the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft in this episode, which is named after the 1960s counterculture slogan “Make love, not war.” When a high-level player begins killing other players in the game, they begin playing it every day in an attempt to stop him. Trey Parker, a co-creator of the show, wrote and directed the episode. It was his and co-creator Matt Stone’s third favorite episode of the series in 2015. 1st
Despite Trey Parker’s concerns near the end of production, the episode received critical acclaim, with critics praising its parody of nerd culture, and is widely regarded as one of the best episodes of the series by fans and critics alike. In addition, the episode was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (for programming less than one hour).

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“Go God Go” is the twelfth episode of the American animated television series South Park’s tenth season. It premiered on Comedy Central in the United States on November 1, 2006, as the series’ 151st episode overall. The episode is part one of a two-part story arc that culminates in “Go God Go XII.”
Cartman, unable to wait the three weeks before the Wii video game console is launched, tries to freeze himself in order to get closer to the release date, but still ends up far farther in the future, in the atheistic universe of 2546. Ms. Garrison, on the other hand, is forced to teach evolution to her students.
Cartman can’t wait for the Nintendo Wii to be released in three weeks. With the aid of Butters, he buries himself in the snow at the top of Mount Elbert in an effort to enter cryonic suspension.
Mrs. Garrison, on the other hand, is adamant about not being pressured to teach the school’s evolution curriculum. As a result, the school employs Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary scientist, to teach the evolution lesson. After some initial squabbles between creationist Garrison and atheist Dawkins, a romantic relationship blossoms. During their date, Dawkins dismisses faith as a logical fallacy, and Garrison declares herself an atheist. Later, the two have sex, and Garrison convinces Dawkins that it is his responsibility to rid the world of religion and bring peace with its abolition. Garrison chastises students who profess faith in God, implying that they are more likely to believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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“Behind the Blow: Terrance and Phillip” S05South Park

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South Park: I’ve Cracked My AssSouth Park: I’ve Cracked My Ass

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Cartman tries to injure Kyle with a Wiffle ball bat because he can’t afford anything else. It could take some time.
S07South Park “Toilet Paper”
81 katselua katselua katselua katselua katsel huhtikuuta1:48 huhtikuuta1:48 huhtikuuta1:48 Kyle is taken on a boat ride by Cartman. South Park is a cartoon about a group of 104 t. katselua katselua katselua katselua kat huhtikuuta1:56 huhtikuuta1:56 huhtikuuta1:56 Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the show’s co-creators, talk about making Towelie, the lamest character ever.
S05South Park “Towelie”
katselua katselua katselua katselua katselua huhtikuuta2:26 huhtikuuta2:26 huhtikuuta2: TowelieSouth Park’s Creator Commentary katselua (100 t) huhtikuuta0:54 huhtikuuta0:54 huhtikuuta0: Cartman boasts about receiving $2 from the Tooth Fairy and devises a scheme to raise enough money for a Sega Dreamcast.

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