Cease and desist texas

Cease and desist texas

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Other than sending a conventional and threatening cease and desist letter, there are other ways to consider. Sending a friendly/modified cease and desist letter is one of these choices. One major concern is that sending a cease and desist letter could result in the alleged infringer filing a declaratory judgment suit.
If you can’t afford one, there are plenty of attorneys willing to help you out as part of their pro bono obligations. Many state bar associations have services where lawyers agree to take cases at a reduced fee or have a free consultation. The referral service will provide you with the names of local attorneys that meet your requirements.

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With the aid of an experienced Virginia company and intellectual property lawyer from McClanahan Forces, PLLC, you can prevent expensive lawsuits by responding to cease and desist letters. Let McClanahan Powers, PLLC’s seasoned business litigation lawyers review any demand letters you’ve received and draft your response, regardless of whether the sender’s grievances are legitimate or not. If you’ve got a cease and desist letter, call (703) 520-1326 or send an email to our top-rated company lawyers for a free consultation.
Make an appointment with a lawyer: Take or send the cease and desist note, along with any supporting documents, to a company and intellectual property lawyer. Many lawyers can study and interpret cease and desist letters for free or for a small fee. This will provide you with peace of mind while also assisting you in preparing for the next move. A law firm’s response is often enough to discourage overzealous corporate attorneys or to initiate a mutually beneficial dialogue between the parties. It’s not a good idea to act or respond to a cease and desist letter without the help of an experienced Virginia company and intellectual property litigation lawyer.

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For a quick and free case study, click here. It only takes a few minutes and is the most efficient and effective way to contact our firm. Rest assured that everything you tell us is kept fully private and protected by attorney-client privilege.
It is mostly used as a formality. It demonstrates that the sender took the requisite measures to try to avoid the recipient’s bad conduct without the help of the courts. According to the message, the sender told the recipient that their actions were offensive. This means the receiver can’t argue ignorance of what they’re doing is allegedly incorrect.
If you’ve been presented with a cease and desist letter, don’t dismiss it or respond without first consulting an Austin cease and desist lawyer. An attorney will evaluate the cease to desist order and determine if the charges are valid. Through issuing a response, the attorney will then assist you in going forward in the process. If you approach the situation without consulting an attorney, you could face repercussions such as being held responsible for the opposing attorney’s fees or worse.

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Elkhatib and his companies, according to the North Dakota attorney general’s office, call local businesses, falsely pretend to represent a local high school, and then ask for donations and sales in the name of the school.
For allegedly violating North Dakota’s charitable solicitation rules, consumer fraud rule, and do-not-call law, Stenehjem released a cease-and-desist order against Joseph Elkhatib and his company Sports Media Marketing on Wednesday, Dec. 23. Boost Sports Integrative Media, High School Sports Advertising, and Sports Media Advertising are some of the other names for the business. Elkhatib and his firms, according to the attorney general’s office, call local businesses, falsely pretend to represent a local high school, and then ask for donations and sales in the name of the school. Elkhatib’s businesses claimed to serve Century and Legacy high schools in Bismarck, as well as West Fargo and Sheyenne high schools in West Fargo, according to the state’s consumer protection division.

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