We bring you the best ceo in russian online

We bring you the best ceo in russian online

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Alexey Borisovich Miller (Russian: лексе орисови иллер) is a Russian business administrator who was born on January 31, 1962. Miller is the Chairman of the Management Committee (CEO) and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gazprom, Russia’s largest enterprise and the world’s largest public energy supplier. 1st [two]
Miller was born into an assimilated Russo-German family in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg).
[3] He went on to earn a PhD in economics from the Leningrad Institute of Finance and Economics, where he studied and graduated.
[number four]
On May 21, 2014, Alexey Miller and Zhou Jiping, Chairman of the China National Petroleum Company, signed a $400 billion gas deal between Gazprom and CNPC for natural gas supplies through the Eastern Route.
[number six]
In 1990, he worked as a junior researcher at the Leningrad Finance and Economics Institute and also served as the section leader of the Economic Reform Committee of the Leningrad City Council’s Executive Committee.

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Matze, who studied math, German, and business at the University of Denver, founded Parler with fellow alumnus Jared Thomson, who is now the chief technical officer.

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‘I don’t have many mates, but the ones I do have, we just talk amongst ourselves about ideas—crazy ones, simple ones, whatever,’ Matze told Forbes in July of last year.

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He told the publication that he ‘does not watch television’ and just ‘gets all off Parler.’
According to the Wall Street Journal, Matze’s app is now backed by hedge-fund investor Robert Mercer’s daughter Rebekah.
The two-year-old far-right magnet reports more than 12 million users worldwide, with 8 million in the United States, according to mobile app analytics company Sensor Tower.
Rebekah has stated that she and Matze co-founded the website. She may have attended the University of Denver as well.

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Pavel Valerievich Durov (Russian: авел алереви уров; born October 10, 1984) is a Russian entrepreneur best known for founding the social networking site VK and later the Telegram Messenger.

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[3] He is Nikolai Durov’s younger brother. The Durov brothers have traveled the globe in self-imposed exile[5] as citizens of Saint Kitts and Nevis after being fired as CEO of VK in 2014[4]. [number six] Pavel was elected as a representative of Finland to the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program in 2017. [nine] [8] Semyon Petrovich Tulyakov, Pavel Durov’s grandfather, served in World War II. He served in the 65th Infantry Regiment, was wounded three times during battles on the Leningrad front on Krasnoborsky, Gatchinsky, and other directions, and was awarded the Order of the Red Star, the Order of the Patriotic War II degree,[10], and the Order of the Great Patriotic War level I on the 40th Victory Day. [11] He was apprehended after the battle. [12] Durov’s father, Valery Semenovich Durov, is a Doctor of Philological Sciences who has published numerous scientific papers and has been the head of the department of classical philology at Saint Petersburg State University since 1992. (#13)

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According to one of Russia’s top-three independent oil-service providers, Russia’s crude producers are considering reducing drilling in 2021 as the pandemic threatens market recovery and global demand.
Under an agreement with the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries that runs until April 2022, Russia has made unprecedented production cuts this year. While this helped boost crude prices, they are now under pressure again as the coronavirus spreads, posing a challenge to oil exploration around the world. OPEC and its partners are still discussing whether or not to go forward with their proposal to relax the restrictions starting in January.
In an interview, Dokunikhin said, “The year 2021 doesn’t look too good for oilfield service providers in Russia.” He said, “Amid expectations of suppressed demand, very detailed discussions about drilling volume reductions are underway,” referring to both Eriell’s clients and industry-wide discussions.
According to Evercore ISI, oilfield investment in Russia and the former Soviet Union is projected to drop 31% this year to $38.7 billion. After North America and Africa, it will be the world’s third-hardest hit by the crude crash. In a column for the September issue of the Energy Policy journal, Energy Minister Alexander Novak predicted that the Russian oil-service demand will halve in 2020-2021 compared to the previous year.

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