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During a home invasion at his Hollywood Hills, California home early Sunday morning, Nicky Diamonds, the founder and owner of Diamond Supply Co., was reportedly beaten up and robbed of over $2 million in jewels. Following the assault by the five armed robbers who also left with a gun and a pistol along with the jewels, Diamonds, whose real name is Nick Tershay, was reportedly left with some bumps and bruises. According to Ted Dhanick, a source close to the case, there are still people staying over at the building, so it seems to have been a planned inside job. “He has people living there all the time,” Dhanick said. “He has a large number of acquaintances. As a result, [the robbers] may have been anyone.” A neighbor, John Devoe, asked, “Why would you keep $2 million worth of stuff in your house?” Diamonds has been trying to sell the house for $8 million, according to sources, and held an open house about six months ago. (Via)

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Diamond Supply Co. was founded by skater Nick Tershay — alias Nick Diamond — in 1998 with the aim of selling skate hardwear. Diamond Supply Co. (and its instantly recognizable logo) rapidly graduated to tees and accessories, catching a zeitgeist that extended the brand’s scope well beyond the skate community and founded Diamond Supply Co. (and its instantly recognizable logo) within an evolving streetwear scene.
A-list partnerships, astute strategic decisions, and a little bit of luck have all contributed to the brand’s continued success. Tershay has plenty to say about the current streetwear scene and how his own company has developed and changed over the years, as it approaches its 20th year and prepares to open a European HQ in Barcelona. He gave his thoughts on how to make a startup streetwear brand successful after we caught him during a new-season photography shoot in Paris.
“When I was four years old, my grandmother introduced me to skateboarding, and my earliest memories are of sitting on a board going down a slope. I got my first real skateboard when I was about ten years old, and I’ve never looked back. It was the 1980s, and riding was really underground at the time — everybody despised us, and we were thrown out of every place we tried.

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Robert Neal is a bright young man who stays out of trouble and is a riot to be around. He’s been on so many trips with us and skated so many demos with us that I believe the kids already consider him a member of the squad. So the time had come to make it official.
Devine Calloway’s distinct style brings a new dimension to the Primitive Skateboarding roster, both on and off the surface. Devine’s undeniable talent helps him to stand out in a sea of professionals and reunites him with Paul Rodriguez and Heath Brinkley from their City Stars days.
Brian Peacock was born with a natural gift for music and a refined look. Brian always takes the most innovative and technical approach to skateboarding, making him one of a kind. From ledges to manuals, rails, and stairs, Brian always takes the most creative and technical approach to skateboarding, making him one of a kind. His board management will astound you, and his vigor will keep you on the ice.
Franky is the quintessential modern skateboarder, capable of skating any place. He’ll have a great time doing it. So it gives me great pleasure to announce that Franky is a member of the Primitive Skate squad.

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Nicholas Tershay (aka Nick Diamond) started Diamond Supply Co. in his one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco in 1998, with the aim of creating a skateboard hardware line. Nick moved to Los Angeles in 2000 and started Diamond Supply Co. in Mike Carroll and Rick Howard’s iconic Girl Skateboards distribution house, quickly expanding the company to include a wide range of skateboard hard and soft products such as bolts, bearings, t-shirts, fleece, accessories, and more. Diamond Supply Co. was rapidly embraced by the skate and street fashion communities due to its strong style and dedication to producing high-quality products.
Nick Diamond was approached by Nike Skateboarding in 2005 to design his own signature Diamond Nike SB Dunk, which soon became one of the most sought-after sneakers and was dubbed as one of the greatest Nike SB’s of all-time by prestigious publications and sneaker enthusiasts alike.
Diamond Supply Co. opened its first flagship store in the historic Fairfax neighborhood of Los Angeles in 2006, and it has since become a cultural icon. The store, which specializes in limited-edition exclusive releases, is no stranger to long lines or unannounced visits from pro skaters, artists, or athletes looking to pick up the new releases. Diamond Supply Co. has also opened flagship stores in San Francisco and New York in the last four years.

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