Chase means in tagalog

Chase means in tagalog

Snow patrol’s “chasing cars” deeper meaning | lyrics

Hello, I’m trying to figure out what Adele’s song “Chasing Pavements” means. In Spanish, what does it mean? “Should I give up or should I just keep following pavements?” she asks herself. I’m not sure what the phrase means in Spanish. Is there someone who can assist me?
To answer your question, I’m thinking of the word “tropezar con la misma piedra,” which basically means “to trip over the same stone,” but I’m not sure it’s the same. I claim I’m not sure because I don’t think “keep chasing pavements” is always bad (is it? ), but “tropezar con la misma piedra” is always bad: “man is the only animal who trips over the same stone.”

Chase | meaning of chase

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Chase meaning

Manafort, get a vaxhole mug for your father.

Adele’s chasing pavements translated into filipino

2Clout chaserA individual who wants to profit from the popularity of others.

Chasing meaning instead of happiness

When he or she acts relevant when they aren’t.. and when he or she hangs out with those people because of their celebrity.. once the celebrity fades, so do they.. he or she was just a clout chaser.

What is team chasing? what does team chasing mean

18 July 201852949 by Amy Smith18 July 11, 201852949 by Amy Smith18 July 11, 201852949 by Amy Smith
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Vivek, get a Clout chaser mug for your puppy.
3Clout ChaserA individual who hangs out with or speaks with someone because of their celebrity.
IamJew says, “Don’t talk to that guy; he’s just a clout chaser.” 37150 on March 23, 2017
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Manley, get a Clout Chaser mug for your pal.
4Clout chaserA individual who only hangs out with those people or picks fights with them in order to gain popularity.
He’s a clout chaser, so don’t mess with him.”
Jenko41 has contributed to this article. 2853489 November 19, 2016
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Larisa, get a Clout chaser mug for your coworker.
5Clout ChaserA individual who dates, talks about, or hangs out with a well-known person solely to improve their image. These people usually don’t have much of a life and just want to seem cool to everyone. Emily dates Brad not because she likes him, but because he’s on the basketball team and makes her look better. He’s not her type; he’s corny, hideous, and lacking in swag. Argh! She’s a clout seeker to the extreme. Posted on June 27, 2018 18728 by LegitLife23

Weird tagalog words

6 Ang inyong mga ama ay hinabol ng mga Ehipsiyo na may mga karwaheng pandigma at mga kabalyero hanggang sa Dagat na Pula, nang inilalabas ko ang inyong mga ama mula sa Ehipto+ at nakarating kayo sa dagat.
21 At hinabol naman ng pulis trapiko at napahinto iyon, palibhasa’y may hinala na may kargada iyon na kontrabando ang bus sa mabilis na pagbibiyahe sa isang checkpoint sa kalye na talagang ruta nito.
40:26 (Isaias) Is it true that ang halakhak ng isang bata habang pinanonood niya ang paghabol ng isang tuta sa buntot nito o ang paglalaro ng isang kuting sa isang bola ng sinulid na lana —hindi ba iyan nagpapahiwatig na si Jehov
Mangangahulugan iyan na si Adoni-bezek ay pumaroon muna sa T upang sumama sa iba pang mga hukbong Canaanita ngunit sinagupa siya ng Juda at Simeon, hinabol pahilaga sa Bezek, at natalo roon

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