Chris trew stratis

Chris trew stratis

Stratis platform for investors #1 investor q&a w chris trew

“We are ecstatic to be working with Alphabit, one of the first managed digital asset investment funds in the world. Alphabit’s initial investment, combined with their additional investment commitment, would undoubtedly help to accelerate Stratis Technologies’ adoption while establishing Stratis as the go-to platform for Microsoft.NET Blockchain development.”
The Stratis ecosystem consists of the following elements: Stratis Identity, Supply Trust, a STO Platform for launching securities, and Stratis Smart Contracts written in C#.
Stratis was created in such a way that it can easily integrate with legacy operations and allow smooth, intelligent contract execution. Alphabit assumes that it can expand exponentially as a result of these factors. “Stratis Protocol, after review, fits nicely into our investment thesis, and we assume the potential for growth for Stratis to be exponential,” said Liam Robertson, CEO of Alphabit. We are excited to have Stratis join our portfolio and look forward to working with them in the months and years ahead.”

Stratis hangout – with chris trew ceo of the stratis project

In 2016, I created Stratis with the aim of creating an enterprise-friendly Blockchain platform, which I thought was lacking in the market at the time. This helped us to make the decision to develop our Blockchain platform using.NET Core. I have made the decision to model our architecture on that of Bitcoin, which has proven to be a wise decision over time.
I’ve always imagined Bitcoin as a dominant technology in the blockchain space, with a dedicated team of developers working to enhance the Bitcoin codebase wherever possible. Since we built our platform on Bitcoin, we were able to incorporate any technical advances made in Bitcoin far more easily, enabling us to apply the innovation to both our public and private blockchain offerings.
My experience in industry IT has brought me into contact with a number of industries that are ripe for Blockchain-based innovation, including finance and law. It means I can use my expertise to create the applications they need, ranging from self-executing smart contracts that are versatile and simple to use to a Security Token Offering (STO) platform that allows businesses to launch their own security tokens in accordance with SEC regulations.

Stratis interview with ceo chris trew

Chris also works as a backend developer, specializing in C# and ASP.NET. Chris has been experimenting with blockchain technology since late 2013, most recently as a volunteer developer on the Blitz project in his spare time, during which time he created The Viral Exchange, a social exchange that enables people to receive BTC and Blitz by completing social interactions including tweets, sharing, and likes. He also developed the Fitalize platform, which allows users to win Blitz by walking with fitness trackers like Fitbit.

Chris trew – ceo of stratis platform (motivational video

Alphabit, a digital asset investment fund, has injected an initial investment while committing to a further 8 figure investment over the next 24 months for the growth and advancement of the BaaS ecosystem, thanks to Stratis’ groundbreaking blockchain solutions.
London, United Kingdom, 1 February 2020 — With its revolutionary products designed to work seamlessly with legacy operations, blockchain-as-a-service provider Stratis makes decentralized adoption simpler for any firm by giving businesses access to the Stratis blockchain through the commonly used C# programming language. Smart contracts and several sidechains operate seamlessly on the network, which also houses a full-scale ICO platform.
Alphabit, a billion-dollar AUM fund and one of the world’s first controlled digital asset investment funds focused on providing turn-key solutions and assisting ventures with end-to-end partnerships, joins this venture to help Stratis quickly scale its growth and deploy cutting-edge products that allow mainstream organizations to use blockchain in their day-to-day operations. Alphabit’s substantial investment is a testimony to Stratis’ innovative approach.

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