Cinnober financial technology

Cinnober financial technology

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Cinnober Financial Technology is an internationally recognised and independent trading and clearing technology provider. Market makers, clearinghouses, banks, and brokers are all served by them. The TRADExpress Platform underpins all of Cinnober’s solutions. Price discovery and matching, real-time risk control, clearing and settlement, index estimation, data delivery, and surveillance are among the services offered. Apart from being adopted by major market participants, the European Commission has selected the framework to develop a real-time risk margining and multi-asset client clearing system for banks.

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Cinnober Financial Technology AB is a Swedish company that creates mission-critical software for exchange trading, clearing, risk management, and other financial services. International exchanges, clearinghouses, banks, and brokerages will all benefit from its services.
The project’s goals include lowering banks’ cost of capital and collateral requirements by more effective use of resources across business units and asset groups. It will also bring operational efficiencies to both listed and OTC flows, lowering the cost per transaction. Cinnober’s TRADExpress RealTime Clearing, a service aimed at clearinghouses and CCPs, is the foundation for the technology.

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Cinnober Financial Technology AB is a financial technology provider that works with exchanges and clearinghouses to provide services. Trading and clearing systems, as well as solutions for price discovery, market data, index estimates, risk management, and market monitoring, are all part of the company’s product range. It provides managed services on a subscription basis to all target groups. TRADExpress Trading System, TRADExpress Index Engine, TRADExpress Information Manager, TRADExpress As a Service, and Cinnober Surveillance are some of the company’s market place solutions. TRADExpress Realtime Clearing and TRADExpress CCP Vulnerability are two of its clearing house solutions. The recurring license, operations, and support operations account for the majority of revenue.

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Cinnober Financial Technology, headquartered in Sweden, is an independent global supplier of advanced financial technology. Trading and clearing networks, as well as enforcement and surveillance tools, are developed by the company, which has offices in Stockholm and New York.
Cinnober’s company revolves around the development of technology, the identification of new trade trends, and the assistance of businesses in adapting to changing regulations. MiFID, ATS, Risk Management, and the production of trading systems are among their specialties. Their platform includes all of the infrastructure components required to execute mission-critical transactions and ensures high throughput and low latency.
The New York Stock Exchange, Eurex, Deutsche Bank, Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange, London Metal Exchange, and Quadriserv are among the exchanges, banks, and other financial institutions that use Cinnober’s products.

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