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Last year, a 19-year-old Fillmore man was charged with murdering a convenience store clerk during a failed robbery. He is now a suspect in a similar attempt at a Santa Paula neighborhood shop.
Kelly, Peggy
The Santa Paula Times is a local newspaper in Santa Paula,
Last year, a 19-year-old Fillmore man was charged with murdering a convenience store clerk during a failed robbery. He is now a suspect in a similar attempt at a Santa Paula neighborhood shop.
Sean Odle, 30, was killed on Dec. 26 at the Circle K store, 3506 E. Main St., in Ventura, and Gregorio “Greg” Aguilar has been charged with capital murder.
In Ventura County Superior Court on Tuesday, Aguilar entered a not guilty plea. He is being detained without being able to post bail. According to the prosecutor, performing a crime when committing an attempted robbery, as well as the use and discharge of a weapon, are two special conditions that have been added to the murder charge. Greg Totten, the district attorney, has yet to determine whether to pursue the death penalty.
Aguilar is also accused of two counts of robbery in connection with the robbery of a Fillmore gas station on Dec. 11.
Aguilar is also charged with attempted robbery with a firearm in connection with an incident that occurred in Santa Paula on Dec. 12, just two weeks before Odle was shot and killed at the Circle K where he worked.
The fact that Aguilar is a suspect in the Fillmore robbery and attempted robbery in Santa Paula is unsurprising, given that both cases involved the suspect brandishing a rifle, a firearm not widely used in such crimes, where a handgun is more commonly used.
The attempted robbery in Santa Paula occurred shortly after 11 p.m. at Central Market, located in the 1100 block of East Main Street, but the armed man and his male partner were chased away by a clerk.
The armed suspect in both the Fillmore and Santa Paula incidents was identified as wearing dark clothing and concealing his face with a bandanna.
Before Odle, who was carrying a cordless phone and thought to be calling 9-1-1 for help, was fired, a video from the Circle K surveillance camera showed two people in hooded sweatshirts entering the shop.
A 17-year-old Fillmore boy was taken into custody and released pending further investigation when Aguilar was arrested in late February.

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S. S. Kresge Corporation was founded in 1899, and the company was renamed Kmart Corporation in 1977.

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[2] The first Kmart store opened its doors in 1962.

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[3] Kmart had 2,486 stores worldwide at its height in 1994, including 2,323 discount stores and Super Kmart Center locations in the United States.

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[nine] Kmart was a subsidiary of Sears Holdings Corporation from 2005 to 2019, and is now a subsidiary of Transform SR Brands LLC.
When working as a traveling salesman and selling to all 19 of Woolworth’s stores at the time, S. S. Kresge, the founder of the business that would become Kmart, met variety-store pioneer Frank Winfield Woolworth.
[eight] In 1897, Kresge invested $6,700 in a five-and-dime store in Memphis, Tennessee, with money he had saved from his career. He co-owned the first store with John McCrory, a longtime tinware customer. [9] The next year, Kresge and McCrory opened a second location in downtown Detroit. The first S.S. Kresge stores were located here. [nine] [nine] [12] After two years of collaboration, he and his brother-in-law, Charles J. Wilson, traded McCrory’s share of the Memphis store, plus $3,000, for full ownership of the Detroit store and established the Kresge & Wilson Company. [nine] (12)

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