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Latest collective brutality rules deals

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The Story of Collective Brutality: Choose Their Poison Modal spells are everyone’s favorite way to get more bang for your buck when struggling with the limitations of 60-card decks’ available slots. In the past, the best of these cards were always chase rares, and Collective Brutality is no exception; let’s look at why. Modal spells, or spells that allow you to choose between several modes when you cast them, are not a new idea. It actually predates the game, dating back to the Limited Edition Alpha. Of course, the “choose one” prototype didn’t exist at the time, but it was retrofitted over the next two and a half decades so that the modern Oracle text for Healing Salve reads like it does in the Duel Decks Anthology edition (this particular bulleted list format will only be introduced in 2014 with Khans of Tarkir):
Rather than offering you a choice between different goals for the same effect, the principle was first applied to spells that could result in two completely different outcomes. Naturalize, for example, never needed to be rephrased as:

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Discard a card if you want to escalate. (Pay this fee for each mode selected after the first.) Select one or more options — • The adversary in question reveals their hand. You choose one of the instant or sorcery cards from the deck. That card is discarded by that player. • Until the end of the turn, target creature gets -2/-2. • You win 2 life and your opponent loses 2.
If an escalate spell’s chosen modes both target a creature, you can choose the same creature for each mode’s target, or you can choose different creatures. The same is true if the selected modes are aimed at a specific player (or opponent).

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Eldritch Moon picks up where the last book, Shadows over Innistrad, left off. Its horror motif is expanded into Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror. The set’s expansion symbol is a stylized Emrakul silhouette that also resembles Liliana’s headdress. The collection includes 205 cards (74 commons, 70 uncommons, 47 rares, 14 mythic rares), 15 double-faced cards, 6 meld cards (3 pairs), and premium variants of all cards that are randomly added. [three] In certain booster packs, a checklist card replaces the basic land.
The color distribution on the set is unusual. When counting cards by their casting cost, the number of cards per color varies greatly, with white having the most (36), followed by red (35), black (34), blue (32) and green (32). (31). When you factor in multicolor cards, Eldrazi’s colored Emerge mechanic, and the land Hanweir Battlements, which has various abilities requiring red mana, the totals even out: White, Blue, and Black each have 39 cards that can be cast with those colors, while Red and Green each have 38. (note that these totals count multicolor cards for each of their colors).

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