Colorado securities act

Colorado securities act

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The Colorado Division of Securities, headed by Commissioner Gerry Rome, recently released an investor advisory (“Advisory“) warning would-be cannabis-industry investors about “risky marijuana-related investments” in a recent public statement.
Marijuana business venture investments are becoming more common, and they are attracting more media attention. Fraudsters may try to take advantage of the publicity to persuade investors to invest in risky or outright fraudulent marijuana projects.
The Colorado Division of Securities is on the lookout for marketers looking to take advantage of ill-informed investors, which serves as a warning to cannabis firms seeking outside investment: the securities regulations do apply to you, and the implications of non-compliance could be severe.

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The Colorado Bar Association’s Securities Subsection works to keep its members informed about changes in securities legislation and trends in civil and regulatory compliance. The Subsection contributes to the Business Law Section’s monthly newsletter on a regular basis and hosts weekly “lunch and learn” sessions where securities lawyers in private practice and securities regulators can meet in a social environment to learn about and address current issues. Approximately 100 attorneys and regulators attend these events, where a speaker gives a presentation on a securities law subject followed by audience discussion. Attending each meeting earns you one CLE credit.
The Subsection’s executive team consists of a Chair and Vice-Chair who are responsible for (a) serving the Subsection on the CBA’s Business Law Section’s Executive Council, (b) guiding Subsection membership and engagement, (c) engaging in the initiation and review of securities law legislation, and (d) planning the Subsection’s regular luncheons. The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected for a total of four years as officials, serving two years as Vice-Chair and then two years as Chair. Every two years, the Subsection holds a member-wide leadership election. The new management team for the Subsection is as follows:

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Stocks and bonds are examples of financial investments that come under the category of “securities.” Securities are governed by a number of laws at both the federal and state levels. These laws forbid, among other things, making false or misleading claims about the value of a company’s securities in order to persuade people to make financial decisions. Securities fraud is the term for this form of conduct, and it is considered a serious crime because it can cause substantial financial damage.
Although the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States is in charge of implementing federal securities laws, the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) is in charge of protecting investors and preserving interest in Colorado’s securities market. DORA prosecuted a financial advisor from Englewood who was later indicted for securities fraud after failing to report debts to his clients and offering some financial advice without a license.
If you’ve been charged with securities fraud in Colorado, you can contact a local white collar crimes attorney to resolve your case and learn more about how Colorado securities fraud laws relate to your situation.

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